Neil Gaiman Is Out Of Black Hole

Comic book author/novelist Neil Gaiman has backed out of writing a script for the big screen adaptation of  Charles Burns' cult-hit graphic novel, Black Hole. Gaiman is reportedly leaving due to  creative differences with Black Hole's director, David Fincher (Se7evn), who is notorious in Hollywood for his overbearing style of direction.

Gaiman was not the only writer to bow out of the project, either. Long-time Tarantino collaborator Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction) also put down his pen, citing Fincher's perfectionist dogma as being a little too incompatible with his own laid-back creative style.

Is David Fincher really to blame for this ugly divorce? Or is this simply a case of of a marriage not-quite-made-in-heaven?

Check out this statement by Gaiman and judge for yourself:

"David explained his process consisted of having over ten drafts, done over and over, and Roger and I were sort of asked if we wanted to, if we were interested in doing that. And we definitely weren’t. We’ll wait and see what happens, I just hope whatever happens, it’s faithful to ‘Black Hole’"

From the sound of things, it seems like these three kids were never meant to play in the same sandbox--which is real a shame, because David Fincher shooting a Neil Gaiman/Roger Avary script sounds like a smash combo for just about ANY MOVIE EVER. It certainly sounds like it would've been the perfect combo to bring a witty, twisted, uniquely envisioned work like Black Hole to life.

Speaking of which, for those not already in the know, Black Hole tells the story of a group of 70's era teens who all contract an STD known as "The Bug." However, unlike the usual STDs we all know and love, "The Bug" has the added effect of turning those who contract it into freaky mutants, marking them as total social outcasts. Four issues of the series were originally published by Kitchen Sink Press in 1995; when Kitchen Sink went under, the series was re-launched by Fantagraphics, who published all twelve issues of the series. The full Black Hole collection was finally released in graphic novel format in 2005 by Pantheon Books.

French director Alex Aja (The Hills Have Eyes) was originally tapped to helm Black Hole, but was later replaced by Fincher. With Gaiman and Avary now gone, no word yet  whether their original draft of the script will still be used, or if new writers will be brought in to finish the job. Black Hole is currently slated for release in 2010.

Are you sad to see Gaiman and Avary go? Sound off and let us know.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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