'Neighborhood Watch' Teaser Trailer: Funny Men in Blue

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People in the mood for some laughs amidst all the explosions and action - which this summer's crop of blockbusters will surely bring - may find what they're looking for in Neighborhood Watch: a flick which unites such comedic heavyweights as Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) together in a film scripted by the writing duo of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (Superbad, Pineapple Express, The Green Hornet).

A teaser trailer has been released for Neighborhood Watch, and it only hints at the wacky antics its cast of funny men will be getting up to in the name of "keeping the peace." However, there is one pivotal plot element which is not even alluded to here (more on that in a moment).

Neighborhood Watch revolves around a pack of suburban dads (Stiller, Vaughn, Ayoade) and one nerdy bachelor (Hill) who form a neighborhood watch group as an excuse to hang out and take a break from their loved ones. However, when a legitimate threat to the local population emerges, these aging (un)professionals have to start "serving and protecting" for real.

Check out the teaser trailer for Neighborhood Watch:

Judging by this teaser footage alone (and its use of the SFW version of "Still D.R.E") you would probably think that Neighborhood Watch is going to be a "fanboyish" mix of broad laughs and over-the-top action similar to most of Goldberg and Rogen's previous scripting efforts, right? Well, that may be true, except there's one little tidbit this early promo leaves out about exactly what director Akiva Schaffer (Hot Rod) and his fellow creative comic minds are planning to serve moviegoers:

The "legitimate threat" that the Neighborhood Watch team has to stop is... an alien invasion.

So, yeah, Neighborhood Watch actually reads as being part Superbad - only with adult male characters who live life according to the "bros before hos" philosophy - and part Men in Black sci-fi action-comedy. It seems the minds behind the film's teaser trailer decided that was too much territory to cover at once and instead chose to focus solely on teasing the main cast doing their comedic shtick(s). Whether or not that decision will get the Neighborhood Watch marketing blitz going on the right foot, remains to be seen.


Neighborhood Watch arrives in theaters around the U.S. on July 27th, 2012.

Source: IMDb

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