12Its name is Mjolnir

Thor Wielding Mjolnir

Thor’s hammer in the comics also was inspired by and shares its name with the hammer that the mythological Thor used in the Norse legends — Mjolnir. That name, Mjolnir, literally means “grinder” or “crusher,” which is a pretty fitting name for a hammer that has leveled

mountains, cracked open the earth, and smashed a Hulk or two in its time.

For those not familiar with how Scandinavian languages and pronunciations work, that name can be a little tricky, as Kat Denning’s Marcy showed us to comedic effect in the first Thor movie when she kept calling the Asgardian weapon “Meuh Meuh.” It's proper pronunciation: myawl-nir.

Mjolnir in Iron Man 2
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