'Need for Speed' Super Bowl Trailer

Need for Speed still

The current selection of video game movies hasn't exactly given us much reason to get excited for the next one, but Scott Waugh's upcoming Need for Speed adaptation demands a bit of attention. The film stars Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) in the lead role as Tobey Marshall, a recently-released, wrongly-convicted driver seeking to race his way to revenge. Virtually all of the vehicle stunts were done for real rather than with CGI, and the actors got to do a chunk of the driving themselves. Also, the bad guy is called Dino Brewster.

What really made Need for Speed stand out from the crowd was its initial trailer, which featured opera music, a solemn monologue from Paul, and much revving of engines. All in all, it looked fantastically melodramatic - far more than would be expected of a movie based on the Need for Speed games.

Now the two noble sports of racing and football have come together as a new Need for Speed trailer has landed at the Superbowl. Fasten your seat belts and check out the action.

Aside from Paul, Need for Speed also stars Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger) as the aforementioned Dino, who is seemingly the guy responsible for Tobey's original frame-up and has become the object of his wrath. In Screen Rant's on-set interview with Paul, he compared the script and the style of Need for Speed to classic car movies like Bullitt, and the overall impression we're getting from the stunt-oriented featurettes is that the cars hold their own as the stars of the film.

Could Need for Speed set a new standard for video game adaptations? Tell us what you think of this latest trailer in the comments.


Need for Speed crashes into theaters on March 14, 2014.

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