'Need for Speed' Movie Revs Engines; Looking to Hire 'Act of Valor' Director

Dreamworks studios is in heavy negotiations to hire director Scott Waugh ('Act of Valor') to helm the film adaptation of popular video game series 'Need for Speed'.

Every great competitor has an equal rival attached to their legacy. One might argue that without one, the other would not exist. Ali had Foreman, Jobs had Gates, Marvel has DC and Mario has King Koopa (sorry, Luigi). In Tinseltown, where the mantra seems to be "anything you can do we can do better", we see rival studios trying to one-up each-other all the time. For every Raging Bull there's a Rocky. In the latest tale of rivalry, Dreamworks studios will attempt to do battle with the Fast and the Furious series by creating its own race car franchise - but not just any franchise.

Get ready for the Need for Speed.

According to Variety, Dreamworks is close to nabbing director Scott Waugh for the film version of  the popular video game series Need for Speed (check out our  Need for Speed game coverage at Game Rant). Waugh, a former stuntman, is hot off of co-directing Act of Valor (along side his business partner Mike McCoy). Scott is an interesting choice for the director of a video-game turned movie - as many have compared the aforementioned Act of Valor to popular video games like Socom and Call of Duty. After executing such a series of intense battle scenes in Act of Valor viewers will no doubt be excited to see what he can do with a film full of high speed car chases.

According to the reports, Dreamworks was awarded Need for Speed from Electronic Arts after a bidding war. George Gatnis penned the project while brother John Gatnis, who co-produced the 2001 comedic romance Summer Catch, is set to produce Need for Speed alongside EA.

Need for Speed Movie

The first Need for Speed video game was released in 1994 and currently has 18 installments under its belt. The franchise began with basic track races, where the first to cross the finish line was declared the winner, and slowly evolved into more of an illegal street race game. As urban environment illegal street-races grew in popularity, equally dangerous police pursuits soon followed. The mayhem attached to the sport is what helped make the video game series into such a popular choice for PlayStation and XBox owners across the globe. Currently, EA plans on releasing a new Need for Speed video-game every fall.

If hiring Waugh is the equivalent of the key being inserted into the ignition for the project - then the next step will be to hire a top flight cast to help get the vehicle on the road - to track down Vin Diesel and his crew. Whether or not Need for Speed will be able to knock the highly-successful Fast and the Furious off the road remains to be seen but having Scott Waugh in the driver's seat is a step in the right direction.

No release date has been announced for Need for Speed as of yet but continue to check back with Screen Rant for further details.

Source: Variety

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