'Need for Speed' Featurette: Real Cars, Real Wrecks & Top Speeds

Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper in 'Need for Speed'

Do you have an itch for high-octane action that needs scratching? Then this year's Need for Speed adaptation, starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, just might be the movie for you. Directed by former stuntman Scott Waugh, Need for Speed consists almost entirely of real footage of fast cars pulling off insane stunts, and quite a lot of the time they're being driven by the actors themselves.

A recent behind-the-scenes featurette followed Paul during his training at a driving clinic in California, learning how to pull off a number of impressive-looking moves. Now a second Need for Speed featurette shows Paul and other actors from the movie putting their skills into practice during filming.

Waugh's last film, Act of Valor, was notable for the liberal use of POV shots looking down the barrel of soldiers' guns (similar to the perspective in an FPS), and it looks like Need for Speed will do something similar by including plenty of shots showing the view from the bonnet.

Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper in 'Need for Speed'

The featurette really does give the impression - true or otherwise - that Need for Speed is mostly going to be two hours of cars driving very fast and occasionally crashing into one another, and there's little to no mention made of the film's actual plot. Then again, Need for Speed is probably the kind of movie that is better off focusing on the cars rather than story. That would certainly make it very true to the spirit of the games.

If the gloriously melodramatic first trailer is to be believed, however, Need for Speed does actually have a plot. Paul plays Tobey Marshall, a former racer framed by Dominic Cooper's character for a crime he did not commit and sent to prison for it. Upon being freed, he sets out to avenge the death of his partner by means of a high-speed race across the country.

Need for Speed looks like it was a lot of fun to shoot, and hopefully it will be a lot of fun to watch as well. Just remember to wear your seatbelt.


Need for Speed will arrive in theaters on March 14, 2014.

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