'Need For Speed' Details: Always Online Open-World Night Driving

Need for Speed night racing

As the Need for Speed movie franchise moves tentatively forward with Need for Speed 2 now in development, the long-running video game series upon which it's based is getting ready for a reboot. The first teaser for the upcoming Need for Speed title, which is being developed by Ghost Games, promised high-speed chases through city streets at night, with both racers and cops throwing themselves into the fun.

The official Need for Speed Twitter account has since confirmed that this night-time setting isn't just for show. The game will feature a "nocturnal open world" where all of the driving takes place between dusk and dawn, and will have both a narrative single player campaign and a multiplayer mode. The all-night driving is a pretty unique choice, since it's become standard for open world games to have a day-night cycle.

Now new details have emerged regarding Need for Speed, one of which has already begun drawing complaints from fans. Electronic Arts has confirmed that the game will require a constant online connection in order to work, even in single player mode. The reason given is that "this lets us push the boundaries of the experience we can deliver to you."

Always-online requirements for games have been a controversial topic over the past few years. Obviously an Internet connection is necessary when playing against other people in multiplayer modes, but some publishers have also implemented always-online requirements for single player modes, meaning that if someone's Internet connection goes down they are completely cut off from the game. This can be very frustrating for gamers who don't have reliable Wi-Fi.

Another sticking point is the fact that always-online doesn't just mean a constant Internet connection; it means a constant connection to the publisher's servers. If EA's servers experience problems then even players with a good Internet connection can be cut off from both multiplayer and single player, and if the servers are abandoned (which they often are once a title has been out for a long time) the game will effectively be dead.

In other Need for Speed news, an Xbox Store page (since deleted) stated that the release date for the game will be November 3rd, 2015, for the U.S. and November 5th for Europe. This might be subject to change, but November is a popular month for major game releases and it makes sense that EA would want the game out in time for the holiday season.

Need for Speed will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 3rd, 2015.

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