Neal Moritz Talks Total Recall, Doc Savage & Flash Gordon

Uber-producer Neal Moritz has like a gazillion films in development (you can count them here). He’s been talking up a few of these potential films recently and he’s just spilled the beans on his take on Total Recall, Shane Black’s Doc Savage and a tinsy tiny bit of news on Flash Gordon.

Let’s start with Total Recall – which isn’t a film about the recent Japanese car scandal – Toyota Recall!

Kurt Wimmer is adapting Philip K. Dick’s story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale. In the film the main character Doug Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original film) won’t be going to Mars:

“You know, in the last movie he goes to Mars and we’re not doing that. We’re not going to go to Mars.”

Moritz also said that although there will be a lot of action in the film, it’s going to “to be more real”.

Well, it’s good to know that a science fiction action movie about dream implants and being mistaken for a spy is going to be realistic! I’m guessing that, in a way it’s going to be like a sci-fi Jason Bourne movie.

Moritz talks Total Recall remake

As for Shane Black’s Doc Savage movie, Moritz believes that the film is very close to getting the green light.

“I think it’s a “go” project. I mean unfortunately I’m not the guy who has the final say if it’s a “go” project, but it’s something that fits all the needs of what Sony wants to have-big tentpole movies with a talented filmmaker who casts really wants to work with. And it feels like a movie if you do it right, you can have many of them.”

Moritz also revealed that he was also trying to entice Black to work on several projects for him, including Green Hornet and Battle: Los Angeles, but when he brought up Doc Savage Black said “that’s my favorite thing” and jumped at the chance of working on the film.

The producer said that the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director is currently writing the script with Chuck Mondry and Anthony Bagarozzi and that he “hopes to direct”. Moritz said that he would be reading the script soon.

With regards to Flash Gordon, Moritz stated that Breck Einser was still “very involved” in the films development. That’s pretty much non-news considering what Eisner said recently, but things can change at a rapid pace in Hollywood, so at least that’s one constant.

Moritz also said that he’s about to read the script for the adventure film:

“I’m just waiting on a script. I haven’t read the script yet. I’m about to read a script on that.”

Moritz talks Flash Gordon

Well, that’s a rundown of Moritz’s slate for now. You can read a bit more at Collider.

In the meantime, keep checking Screen Rant for details on Total Recall, Doc Savage, Flash Gordon and all of Neal Moritz’s upcoming films.

Source: Collider

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