CBS Planning 'NCIS: LA' Spin-Off

NCIS LA Spinoff

Now in its 10th season and with over 200 episodes under its belt, monster hit NCIS' magnitude continues to reverberate across the network TV landscape. The show still draws a massive viewership each week, and in 2009 it spawned the spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles, which has become almost as popular.

NCIS: LA, which is currently in season 4, has seen its own fan base continue to grow, proving that there's still a big market for primetime crime procedurals. Other shows, like CSI and Law & Order, have had similar success planting new seeds within their hit shows, so why wouldn't NCIS want to continue to milk what they have for all its worth too?

According to Deadline, CBS is preparing a third NCIS series that will be a direct spin-off of NCIS: LA. New characters will be debuted during a two-part episode later this season and will serve as the launchpad for the new (currently untitled) series - though you can assume 'NCIS' will be somewhere in there. The show will be written and executive produced by NCIS: LA showrunner Shane Brennan and will follow a small group of mobile agents who crisscross the country solving crimes.

Shane Brennan
Shane Brennan, creator of 'NCIS: LA'

Brennan and the network used this same planting technique with NCIS: LA when it became its own show after introducing its characters during a two-hour episode of NCIS. In fact, planting spin-offs has become commonplace with successful shows. CBS's CSI: Miami spawned CSI: New York in the exact same fashion and many people forget that NCIS itself is a spin-off, as it was introduced in a two-part episode of JAG.

Of course, not every spin-off lives a long life. CBS also produced a spin-off of Criminal Minds, titled Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, but unfortunately for the network and its cast, it only lasted one season. There's obviously a demand for more of these types of crime dramas, but only time will tell if the new NCIS series hits home with audiences.

Viewers may be frustrated with the lack of originality in entertainment these days, but ultimately the consumers decide what films and TV shows get made. So, if you want more NCISs or not, remember to vote with your remote control.

NCIS L.A. airs on CBS Tuesdays @9pm.


Source: Deadline

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