NCIS: 5 Characters Fans Would Love To See In Season 17 (& 5 They Don't)

Since 2003, NCIS has been quite busy. Tragic storylines, complicated backstories, action, humor, the arrivals and departures of various characters and of course Gibbs' rules. NCIS isn't short on much, which is why for new fans it's necessary to watch every episode. Sixteen seasons is a lot to catch up on, but for dedicated fans looking forward to Season 17, they're highly anticipating yet another exciting season that inches even closer to a two-decade run.

Considering the series' Season 16 finale, we're hoping to see Ziva (Cote de Pablo) make some appearances. That said, here are 5 characters we'd like to see in the upcoming season--and 5 we don't.

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10 Don't: Jeanne Benoit

Okay, so it's not very likely we'll see Jeanne (Scottie Thompson) again. Yet, the fact is that NCIS has a tendency to bring in characters from out-of-the-blue, so you never know for sure.

If the writers are reading this, rest assured that no one wants to see Jeanne again, especially after she was so hard on DiNozzo (though she may have had reason to considering he was undercover and not being completely honest with her).

9 Do: Dwayne Pride

NCIS has featured crossovers before with both its Los Angeles and New Orleans counterparts. Considering Pride (Scott Bakula) is one of Gibbs' closest friends and the two share so much history, Pride would be a good choice for another crossover in Season 17.

Whether their cases intersect (a most likely scenario) or one friend needs the other for support, we'd look forward to another crossover with the New Orleans team, or even possibly the Los Angeles team. We certainly appreciate when the NCIS teams of the USA come together to solve a mystery!

8 Don't: Abigail Borin

Fans weren't crazy about Borin (Diane Neal) from minute one. Some didn't like how her character came across, some didn't care for her introduction and just overlooked her appearances throughout the years. Some characters stick with us, and some don't.

With this in mind, we don't really need another appearance from the Coast Guard Investigative Service agent on NCIS or NCIS: New Orleans

7 Do: Kate Todd

NCIS has done a great job of honoring Kate's (Sasha Alexander) memory since her tragic and abrupt murder in the Season 2 finale. Fans were shocked by her death and mourned just as deeply as the NCIS team; seeing her in flashbacks or referenced has helped the grieving process along.

Yet, we hope to see an actual representation. Say Gibbs has a dream or McGee (Sean Murray) takes a hit to the head and thinks he sees Kate. The options are limitless, and we need those NCIS writers to bring Kate back for an episode or two.

6 Don't: Jacqueline "Jack" Sloane

Now a series regular, there are some fans that would prefer seeing less of Sloane. In true NCIS fashion Jack (Maria Bello) comes with skills and a tragic backstory of torture and military background. In a way, she is repetitious of other characters introduced beforehand.

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In others, she's just not a character that's universally likable or relatable. Whatever the reason, she doesn't resonate 100 percent with fans and seeing less of her may introduce a steadier dynamic between the other characters that fans will appreciate more of.

5 Do: Abby Sciuto

We miss the forensic scientist of the team that defied stereotypes as a happy Goth and could always be found with a cup of Caf-Pow in her hand. Abby (Pauley Perrette) was happy, cheery, smart and so incredibly weird in a way we all loved.

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We haven't seen her since her departure at the end of Season 15 but we still hold out hope for a surprise return much like Ziva's. You never know, she could be needed for a case or simply pop back in for a visit!

4 Don't: Anthony DiNozzo Senior

Senior, as Robert Wagner's character is referred to, is Anthony DiNozzo Junior's (Michael Weatherly) father. While Junior was still a part of the NCIS team, Senior didn't make an appearance until several seasons into the show, and we can see why given their strained father-son relationship.

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While Senior had his good moments, most of the time his appearances seemed to shake up Junior's life in some way, leading to Junior seeking advice from Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Senior has surprisingly made an appearance even after Junior's departure, but we don't really need to see much more of his character simply because his storyline has become somewhat overused over the years.

3 Do: Ziva David

Ziva is undeniably a fan-favorite. Though she was initially a replacement for Kate Todd, people were hesitant to like her but quickly warmed up to the idea. Ziva made a surprise appearance at the end of Season 16, leaving us with many questions unanswered and an eagerness for her reappearance to be a primary storyline explored in Season 17.

Initially believed to have been dead for some time, cases the team has handled have hinted at the fact that Ziva's "death" may have more to it than originally believed.

2 Don't: Alexandra Quinn

Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) isn't necessarily a bad character. It's not that we don't like her, either. We're just not crazy about a reappearance simply because for the one season she participated in the show, her character didn't leave much of an impact.

She was a good person with something of an interesting backstory but departed to take care of her mother with Alzheimer's--a good thing to do, but also leaving a potential opening for a return that we just wouldn't prefer above all else.

1 Do: Tony DiNozzo

Speaking of Ziva, we're hoping for a reunion between her and Tony, who upon discovering he shared a daughter with her resigned from the NCIS team to raise his daughter as a single father, believing Ziva to be gone. With Ziva back, surely the NCIS team would reach out to Tony and the two can finally be reunited as a couple, potentially even as a family. Granted Michael Weatherly is busy with his new show Bull, but we're still holding out hope for a surprise appearance from our film-loving, prankster agent, Anthony DiNozzo!

Regardless of whomever NCIS brings in this upcoming season, we're practically ensured to be captivated anyhow. Despite so many years on the air this show still does amazingly well among viewers and still leaves us wanting more each season, something NCIS hasn't failed to deliver on thus far in its seasons to date.

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