How to Binge Will & Grace and Other NBC Shows For the Holidays

NBC wishes everyone a Happy Binge-Mas will all episodes of Will & Grace and other top series available to binge through the network's streaming app.

Will & Grace Binge-Mas

This holiday season, NBC is making it easy for you to catch up on all of its top shows, including the entire run of Will & Grace, through the network's streaming app. With CBS embracing streaming with its subscription-based CBS All Access, it seems the time has come for the other broadcast networks to follow suit and to seek out ways to provide content from their libraries to those who prefer their television on demand and with the possibility of a massive binge-watch.

To the network's credit, NBC is doing just that – through the holidays, anyway – by "unlocking" every episode of the recently revived Will & Grace for anyone interested in celebrating Christmas and New Years with Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack. In addition, the network is also making it easy to get caught up with its current line-up of comedies, including current season 2 episodes of the critically acclaimed The Good Place, as well as all episodes of Superstore and Great News (both of which you should definitely check out if you haven't already).

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And if comedy isn't your thing, you can also watch every episode of the Peacock Network's mega-hit This Is Us, the freshman military drama The Brave, and the Edie Falco-led legal drama, Law & Order True Crime: Menendez Murders. Check out the full line-up available on the NBC app below:

Ted Danson as Michael in The Good Place

“This Is Us” — All seasons

“Superstore” – All seasons

“The Good Place” – Current season 2 episodes

“Will & Grace” – Over 190 episodes available now

“Great News” – All seasons

“The Brave” – All episodes

“Law & Order True Crime: Menendez Murders” – Full season

Though it's not quite as cord-cutter friendly as Netflix, Hulu, or even HBO GO, it is a step in the right direction for those who want one of the biggest network's content available in a single location. It's a far cry from the entirety of NBC's library being made available, but the response to Merry Binge-Mas might encourage the network to bring something like CBS All Access to all those cord cutters out there.

There are obstacles to that as well, the least of which being the ready availability of many current and past NBC programs on Netflix and Hulu – especially the latter, where you can catch up on everything the network currently has on tap the day after it airs live. Still, as more and more networks and cable channels begin hoarding their content libraries in the hopes of drawing subscribers, there might come a time when a dedicated NBC app is best way to get all the network's programming. Until that day comes, however, you can still enjoy the holidays with every episode of Will & Grace.

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The NBC app is available for download here.

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