NBC Setting Up 'Romancing The Stone' as a Television Series

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Robert Zemeckis' early career is getting a lot of attention lately - well, one film anyway. Discussions of remaking his 1984 adventure film Romancing the Stone began swirling earlier this week –- and now, word is that NBC had already put in a commitment for a pilot to turn the film into a weekly adventure series.

According to reports, filmmaker Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, Real Steel) is attached to direct the pilot – provided his feature film duties surrounding the recently announced Frankenstein permit, of course.

The series would continue the adventures of romance novelist Joan Wilder and her treasure hunting partner/love interest Jack T. Colton. This time around, instead of centering the action in Colombia, Romancing the Stone would be a weekly adventure series wherein Colton and Wilder found themselves in a different locale each episode, while trying to uncover the mysterious disappearance of Wilder’s brother.

This would differ from the film, in which Kathleen Turner played the novelist attempting to deliver a ransom on her kidnapped sister, while Michael Douglas played the intrepid adventurer.

How or if the Ralph character (played in the film by Danny Devito) will be making an appearance on the show has not yet been disclosed.

shawn levy romancing the stone nbc
'Real Steel' director Shawn Levy may direct the 'Romancing the Stone' pilot.

Most recently, director Robert Luketic was in talks to reunite with The Ugly Truth stars Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler - or possibly John Carter and Battleship star Taylor Kitsch - for a modern day retelling of Stone. Before word broke that NBC had signed a deal with 20th Century Fox to adapt the film, it was rumored that Luketic was out, but the project was still moving forward with Heigl in the lead. However, with NBC committed to producing at least the pilot - facing financial penalties should they not - it seems the network’s vested interest and overall deal with Fox may have nixed the studio’s plans to develop a feature film.

As it stands, with Levy's commitment to Frankenstein and the questionable fate of the theatrical remake, there are a lot of ifs surrounding this series. The one solid piece of information is that Marc Friedman, creator of the cancelled Christian Slater drama The Forgotten, and frequent collaborator and USC classmate of Levy, will be handling scripting duties for the pilot.

Friedman and Levy are also serving as executive producers on the project, so if the filmmaker’s duties elsewhere means he cannot commit to the pilot, perhaps Levy will put in some time should Romancing the Stone make it to series.

-As casting and other developments take place on Romancing the Stone, Screen Rant will keep you posted.

Source: Deadline

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