NBC Orders LOST Producer's 'Day One' Pilot

Jesse Alexander, writer-producer of such hit shows as Lost and Heroes, has sold a new show to NBC: the post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama, Day One.

How ironic is that: NBC boots Alexander off of Heroes not some three odd months ago, and here they are now shelling out for his newest creation. Hollywood... truly the land of "it's just business, not personal."

Day One will be about a small band of survivors of a global catastrophe, trying to salvage what's left of society, while uncovering the mystery of why and how the catastrophe occurred, and what future lies ahead for mankind. The project is being produced by Universal Media Studios.

I predict here and now that we can expect Day One to have the same flash-forward and flash-back story structure that we're currently getting from Lost (not that I'm complaining). And since this is Jesse Alexander we're talking about, you already know that Day One is going to be throwing mystery upon mystery upon cliffhanger upon cliffhanger mystery at you. Let's just hope they're the sort of on-the-brink-of-annoying mystery cliffhangers you get from Lost, and not the so-absurd-they're-agonizing mystery cliffhangers Heroes has been dumping on us lately.

Guess we'll know more when the pilot gets underway, but for now, it sounds like a pretty cool concept. What do you think: does Day One sound like it could be a the next Lost?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Ain't It Cool News

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