'Heroes' Alum Adrian Pasdar Joins NBC Workplace Comedy


Adrian Pasdar, most recently seen as the gravity-defying Nathan Petrelli on Tim Kring’s Heroes, will take his next role in the as yet untitled workplace sitcom pilot from Kari Lizer (The New Adventures of Old Christine).

At present, all that is known about the pilot is that it surrounds Mary Leahy, played by the already-cast Sarah Paulson (The Spirit, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) who, despite a miserable track record with her personal relationships, runs a company that helps people transition through unanticipated career problems and layoffs.

Pasdar’s role will be that of Brad, an all around charmer who, after a drunken tryst with Mary, lands a gig at her company, where his magnetism proves to be a major asset. After making a career playing the sullen, smoldering type in shows like the canceled-too-soon Profit, or his recent gig as DHS Agent Mark Fallon opposite Nathan Fillion on a two-part episode of Castle, Pasdar will be making a bit of a career transition himself; the role will be the actor’s first attempt at leading man status on a half-hour sitcom.

It will be interesting to watch two actors, known primarily for their dramatic roles, segue into the world of the half-hour sitcom, but that aspect may be a source of trouble for this pilot. Though Pasdar and Paulson are both readily recognizable, they certainly are not household names, and as the show competes with the other sitcoms, NBC has yet to give a series order since the show's chances hinge almost entirely on Lizer’s past credits like Will & Grace and The New Adventures of Old Christine (which was axed in 2010).

Right now, the program’s only tested source of comedy is former SNL comedian Tim Meadows, and while it is good to see The Ladies Man back on television, it’s uncertain what kind of draw he will be.

I have to admit, the show sounds like a 30-minute rehash of the 2009 George Clooney film Up in the Air, but reports that it was the center of a multi-network bidding war late last year, compels one to not judge too hastily.

Should NBC pick the show up for series, it will likely debut this fall.

Source: TV Line

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