'Heroes' In Trouble: Two Producers Fired

As a red-blooded American, I'm man enough to admit when I've been out-voted. Majority still rules this country in which we (Americans) live, and, despite my best arguments, it seems that the overwhelming opinion is that Heroes' third season, "Villains", is officially CRAP.

Well, the execs over at NBC have heard the voices of the people (while watching Heroes' ratings fall faster than the Dow average) and are already starting to roll heads. The first necks to feel the cut of the guillotine: co-executive producers Jesse Alexander (Lost, Alias) and Jeph Loeb.

The word is that the NBC suits were fed-up with Heroes' declining ratings, budget overruns (more than $4 million per episode!) and (surprise, surprise) its creative direction. The firings are sure to be causing a major stir amongst Heroes' cast and crew right about now, as both Loeb and Alexander were supposed to have been heavily involved with day-to-day operations on the show, working closely alongside Heroes' creator, Tim Kring. So far NBC has declined to comment on the decision, but we'll see if Loeb and/or Alexander have anything to say for themselves in the coming weeks.

Wow. I tried to defend you Heroes, but it seems as though people really think you suck this season. (Even I'll admit that those "black hole" powers that one villain had were pretty stupid.) Being fired must've hurt especially bad for Jeph Loeb; that man has not only been successful working on other popular pulpy dramas (Lost, Smallville), but also has deep roots in the comic book industry. If there was anybody I would've thought able to take a show like Heroes and turn it into a ratings magnet, it would've been Jeph Loeb.

Ah well, c'est la vie. Now that the guard is being changed, perhaps we'll get back the Heroes so many of you seem to know and love. Personally, I still think that the best move for the show is going the X-Men route of having the meta-humans become feared and hated by normal humans, forcing them to go underground, feigning "normality", yet inevitably finding themselves having to save others. But that's just my (unpopular) opinion.

What about you? How do you feel about the Heroes shakeup? What direction do you think the show needs to take?

Source: Variety

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