NBC Confident In New Shows; 'Heroes' To Be Canceled?

heroes tv movie cancelled

On Monday, NBC is set to announce their new fall line-up. At that time, many are expecting Heroes to be renewed for a half-season order of 13 episodes in order to wrap-up the series and provide closure for the (few) fans that have stuck by the show for the past 4 years. But, have plans changed? Is Heroes all but canceled?

Recently, NBC announced the pick-up of 5 new series for next season. It’s been reported that the network heads are so confident with their new fall line-up that they are contemplating either canceling Heroes, or turning the show into one-time television movie event.

My, how the mighty have fallen. At its height, almost 17 million people tuned into the second season premiere of Heroes. In contrast, the recent fourth season finale garnered less than 4 million viewers. One couldn’t blame NBC for wanting to cancel the series, even though they were the ones that ruined it.

In recent years, fans have noticed the drastic shift in terms of storytelling from the first season. While many would like to blame those writing the show, it seems that NBC were the ones controlling much of what does (or does not) happen.

Heroes creator Tim Kring explains how his hands were tied by the network:

"It becomes very hard to kill off certain characters. The network has a very strong say in this, because of actors who are under contract and do publicity for them. It's not just up to the writers to decide."

Kring continues by explaining what he would have done differently:

“I would have done fewer episodes. Thirteen a season is fabulous—you can really control the quality and the way you craft them. The sheer number of episodes has been a real struggle for us. Most shows shoot eight days, and we sometimes shoot as many as 15 days an episode. Season three took 15 months to make. Creatively, those 24 episodes are a hard number to hit. The other thing is that I would have started with new characters all over again. The premise is that this is happening to people all over the world, and the idea of seeing new people exploring this was really fascinating to me. But once fans fall in love with certain characters, it’s harder to do that.”

hereos tv movie cancelled

What?! This cast is too big? 12 is a good number - for eggs!

While I’m not sure starting over from scratch would have been the right move, I’ve got to agree with Kring that fewer episodes, with more rotating characters, would have certainly helped the series.

At this point, does anyone really care what happens to Heroes? Sure, I still watch it, but I feel like I only watch it because I have to. After putting in so many years watching, despite it being horrible for the majority of the latter seasons, I feel like I deserve some kind of payoff, closure…. Something!

If I had to decide between a two to four-hour television movie or a 13 episode season, I’d easily pick the television movie. While it doesn’t provide as much time as the episode, with a television movie you’d get the chance to tell a story in full, without the episodic break-ups.

Although, if NBC’s fall line-up is so full of great programming, when will they have time to air it :-P ?

NBC Orders 5 New Series, Will Heroes Be Canceled?

Would you rather have Heroes canceled or turned into a television movie event? Would you watch either option? When do you think the series made a turn for the worse and what could they have done to prevent it?

This story is still developing. We will know for sure about the future of Heroes on Monday, after NBC announces their fall plans.

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Source: New York Magazine (via: MTV Splash Page) and The A.V. Club

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