NBC Fall 2017 Series Trailers: The Brave and Law & Order True Crime

Edie Falco in Law & Order True Crime

It's upfront season, which means the networks are getting ready to show their wares to advertisers eager to gauge which new show of the upcoming fall season will get the most eyeballs, and to perhaps predict which will be the next This Is Us-style breakout hit. No doubt NBC is hoping that two of its upcoming series The Brave and Law & Order True Crime will enjoy a level of success comparable to the network's ratings winner from the 2016-2017 season.

To test the waters, the peacock network has issued a trailer for each series, presenting both as strong contenders in the drama department. For The Brave it's trailer comes with a name change, as the military series has shed the much better For God and Country in lieu of the blander, less descriptive title it now has. On the other hand is the latest in the Law & Order franchise that just won't die. Leaning into the salacious, ripped-from-the-headlines storytelling style of Law & Order: SVU and clearly hoping to recreate some of the television magic FX enjoyed with The People v. O.J. Simpson, NBC presents Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, which will fictionalize the scandalous murders of their parents by Lyle and Erik Menendez, and the subsequent trial that captivated the nation.

Take a look at the trailers above and below:

Law & Order True Crime certainly looks like it was created in the mold of a docudrama; it has all the trappings of a real-life story gussied up to be less of reheated leftovers and more of a familiar story told in a way many might not know or expect. The trailer rightfully leans heavily on the violence of the brothers' crime as it does the star power of Edie Falco, who plays defense attorney Leslie Abramson. The trailer presents a strong case (pun!) for the series despite its bandwagoning in the wake of FX's critical and ratings hit, though the familiar sound accompanying the Law & Order logo does take you out of the drama to a certain degree. Still, it looks like a good start for NBC's entry into the anthology market.

The Brave, on the other hand, looks very much like what you'd get from a producer of Homeland translating the less popular and engaging parts of that experience to network television. Starring Mike Vogel and Anne Heche, the series follows a group of soldiers searching for a surgeon kidnapped behind enemy lines and forced to treat the leader of a terrorist organization. It's not exactly fresh in terms of the approach to the material, but the focus on the personal aspects of the soldiers' lives might make it more compelling than it looks – or its new title sounds.

The Brave is scheduled to air Mondays starting in the fall. Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders will air Thursdays starting in the fall. Screen Rant will have more news for you from the networks' fall schedules as they are made available.

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Source: NBC

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