NBC Says 'Doctor Who' Is NOT Their Lawyer

If the source close to the show can be believed, it looks like David Tennant’s first foray into American television is a flop as NBC will not be picking up the series Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. In fact, word from the source is that “the sets are coming down this week.”

Uh-oh. Not exactly what everyone expected to happen to everyone’s favorite dual-hearted time traveler, as Rex Is Not Your Lawyer was a show that everyone was talking about. I kept saying to myself, “If this is what David Tennant gave up Doctor Who for, it better be amazing.” Well, it looks like NBC didn’t find it so amazing, but who knows as the network is known to cancel shows even if they are good.

Still, all is not lost. Well, it is, but if you want to believe network propaganda, there’s still “a chance.”

Says the insider,

“The sets are on fold-and-hold. They will still be available if the show is picked up for the fall.”

Not really looking good. Sure, they’re on "fold-and-hold," but so is the set of Seinfeld. Guess the Rex set will have good company. While you’re back there, tell Conan’s desk that I said, “Hi!” You know, just in case they bring back his show as well.

I really don’t know what NBC is going to do. If anyone is looking to sell a show, I have to say that you better run down there and pitch them your idea as they’ve got 5 slots they need to fill up, not to mention the shows that don’t make it past this season (which could be most of them). Too make things worse, after spending two years developing this show, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer was supposed start up this spring to fill in one of the 10PM slots left open by Leno.

Now it looks like the only thing it’ll be filling up will be the garbage bin. Guess my hope for a Torchwood vs. Rex Is Not Your Lawyer showdown is never going to happen.

C’mon Who fans, what say you about this news? Are you happy that Rex Is Not Your Lawyer is dead before it ever made it to air or is it better that it never saw the light of day? Do you think it would have been good or bad?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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