'Constantine' Trailer: Hellblazer Comes to Television

The first trailer for NBC's 'Constantine' - starring Matt Ryan as John Constantine - has been released. But does it look any good?

First Official Image of Matt Ryan as Constantine

After months of news regarding NBC's upcoming TV show adaptation of Constantine - including the first image of Matt Ryan as John Constantine in his trench coat getup - the show was given a series order last week (along with every other comic book-based TV show in the works). This was good news for Constantine/comic book fans and even better news for people who want to see a more interesting NBC lineup.

Now, NBC has released a rather excellent-looking first trailer for the series (above), which introduces John Constantine as an "exorcist and master petty dabbler of the dark arts."

When we first meet him, he's obviously facing some personal demons of his own as a result of witnessing a literal demon take a 9-year-old girl's soul to hell - which is why he's in a psychiatric clinic at the beginning of the trailer. We're told by Manny the angel (played by Harold Perrineau of Lost fame) that Constantine "damned" the little girl to hell, probably inadvertently, and along with her, his own soul. In the comics, John Constantine's soul was also damned to hell, though for a different reason: he stopped a demon from claiming the soul of a friend of his, and in return, the demon promised to take Constantine's instead.

The other main character of the trailer is Liv Parsons (Lucy Griffiths, who played Nora Gainesborough on True Blood), a girl who can suddenly see all things supernatural and is seemingly integral to fighting whatever "ancient evil" is arising - hence Constantine, who was a friend of Liv's father, comes to her aid. Liv also acts as our vehicle to understanding this new and crazy supernatural world. She, like us, is just a regular lady who has to have all the crazy supernatural things explained to her by Constantine.

There's definitely a slight Supernatural vibe to the trailer, and not just because of the angels, demons, and ghosts - the classic rock music about halfway through the trailer is what really seals the deal. But the tone is different enough, too; whereas Supernatural straddles the line between old school, shoot 'em up action and paranormal horror, Constantine seems to lean more heavily on the paranormal suspense/horror (with a bit of dry humor here and there, thanks to a pretty great performance by Ryan).

What say you, Screen Ranters? Does this Constantine trailer capture the spirit of the comic book? And maybe more importantly, does the show look good to you? Drop us a line in the comics.


Constantine will air in Fall 2014 on NBC.

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