Nazi Supergirl & Arrow Villains Revealed in Arrowverse Crossover Photos

Set photos revealing the Nazi villain versions of Supergirl and Green Arrow from the 2017 Arrowoverse crossover have now made their way online. With the arrival of The Flash, the Arrowverse was officially born. So too was the tradition of crossing over the shared TV universe's shows once a year. However, after last year's four-part adventure involving alien invaders, the minds behind these series decided to look towards a tried and true comic book trope for the follow-up: evil doppelgängers.

We've known for awhile now that Vixen will soon be joined on CW Seed by Freedom Fighters: The Ray, an animated series taking place on Earth-X, where the Nazis won World War II and have evil counterparts of DC heroes. Standing against them are The Ray and his friends, a team of Golden Age-inspired characters. While it was exciting to learn evil Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow will appear on the series, it was even more intriguing when it was announced that Earth-X will be the setting for the Arrowverse crossover this year. Not only will The Ray make his live-action debut there, but so too will the nefarious Overgirl and other evil Arrowverse counterparts.

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With the Arrowverse crossover currently filming, some Twitter users (via CBR) have nabbed pictures of the evil Supergirl, aka Overgirl, and the evil Arrow from the set. Check them out below:

SPOILER ALERT: Arrow/Stephen Amell vs X for #Arrow #TheFlash #LegendsofTomorrow #Supergirl crossover

— YVRShoots (@yvrshoots) October 16, 2017

@Supergirltvsite Okay. People are saying this is Reign. (Not me.) Others are saying this is Overgirl. Who is it?? Thank you. #Supergirl

— Lizabeth Zehner (@LizabethZehner) October 17, 2017

The crossover will also feature an "alternate" version of Prometheus, dubbed Prometheus-X, who could very well be the villain shown here. In Freedom Fighters: The Ray, the character looks a lot more like Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow. Knowing that, there's a chance Prometheus-X, if this is in fact that character, is actually another evil archer. Could this be how Roy Harper is set to return in the Arrowverse?

We also get a truly frightening look at Melissa Benoist as Overgirl. In the comics, she's the clone of a Superman (aka Overman) who landed in Nazi territory in the '30s and became the literal Ubermensch. There's no indication what her origin will be here, but the mask is certainly a creepy touch to an already dangerously powerful villain.

So far, there's no shot yet of the evil Flash, but he's likely to arrive as he was teased on the crossover's poster. He's also a part of Freedom Fighters, which will presumably arrive online before the team-up this year. As we get closer, expect a lot more images and information to arrive regarding the crossover and the world of Earth-X.

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The "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover begins Monday, November 27th at 8pm with Supergirl and continue with Arrow at 9pm. It will continue on Tuesday, November 28th at 8pm with The Flash and conclude at 9pm with Legends of Tomorrow.

Source: TwitterCBR

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