Nathan Fillion Talks Trucker, Castle, Joss Whedon & Superheroes

Fillion also has a new movie coming out in October. Did you know that? It's called Trucker and he plays Runner, a drinking "buddy" to Michelle Monaghan's (Mission: Impossible III) truck driving Diane Ford. Written and directed by James Mottern, Trucker follows the story of Ford as she sleeps her way across the country driving a tractor trailer and is suddenly forced to watch the eleven year old son she had pretty much abandoned with her ex-husband (Benjamin Bratt). Watch the trailer for Trucker below:

Fillion turns into Dr. Phil for the next question about unconventional relationships between men and women (Runner is sleeping with Ford while he is married to another woman.)

IFC: Some people believe that men and women can't be just friends when there's any chemistry between them. Would you agree?

Fillion: No, I don't agree. I think when there's chemistry, you know if there's going to be some sort of compromising. You can know that. I like to think I'm able to draw the line. When it comes to married women, or if you're in a relationship yourself, I try to keep myself out of situations that would force me to make decisions that could [lead] to trouble.

Is everyone in NBA, NFL, MLB and every other sport with an acronym paying attention? A-Rod and Kobe, he's talking to you. Good sound advice from a Hollywood type. And how does he feel about working with his co-star Monaghan?

I'll tell you what I really enjoy. We all go to the movies, we all watch television, we know what they're about, how they work. When the main character is a cop or a spy, it's very exciting, but I also very much enjoy when the main characters are nobodies -- a trucker. Michelle's as serious as a heart attack about her work. She's just very, very natural. You don't need to have a huge role to attack. She attacks what is seemingly a small character.

And what does Fillion think about all of his and Whedon's fans when he meets them conventions?

One thing I can say about Joss' fans is that they're dedicated, passionate, intelligent and very excitable. If you go to a sci-fi convention and there're 3,000 of them in a room, one of them is going to get a little riled up and ask you to take off your pants. I'm a pretty reasonable man. I don't let things get too far out of hand. I try not to mix fans and booze. I keep a lid on things.

I tell you what; the man is just full of good advice. I swear I will never take my pants off again when a room full of sci-fi fans asks me to. If you haven't had a chance to watch Castle, give it a shot. Fillion brings the same sly humor and attitude to the show as he does to everything else his does. Hopefully, Nathan Fillion will be around for many years to come and will continue to get back on the horse even when the ratings bronco throws him to the ground.

Do you like Nathan Fillion's work and what roles, TV or movie, could you see him playing?

Trucker opens in limited release October 9th, 2009.

Source: IFC

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