Nathan Fillion is a Fan of Reynolds as Green Lantern

Canadian Love is in the air this week as fan-favorite Nathan Fillion expresses his love and support for the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern film.

Fillion, who became an actor to look out for (with his own dedicated cult following) after Firefly, is currently doing well with his new great show, Castle. But on the movie front, he’d been the subject of speculation as one of the many hopeful candidates for the Green Lantern movie. At least, up until recently when Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds were reported as the top choices and as we know, it was finally announced that Ryan Reynolds snagged the part.

So, how did Fillion react to the news of fellow Canadian Reynolds getting the part? He was actually very happy about it.

In speaking with MTV, he had this to say on the subject:

"The fact is, Ryan Reynolds has been chosen for 'Green Lantern,' and I can't think of anyone better. He's got the look, he's got the talent, he's got the chops, he's got the build - the abs, he's got superhero written all over him."

Does he ever. Along with gaining starring roles in two big solo superhero films coming out in Green Lantern and Deadpool, Reynolds even played Captain Excellent in this year's indie comedy, Paper Man. Going back a few years, he was also Hannibal King, the vampire hunter in Blade: Trinity.

It’s good to see Fillion fully positive and supportive of the decision and hopefully there’s more work for him down the road with Warner Brothers and their DC movies. He already had a part playing the voice of Steve Trevor in the animated Wonder Woman movie.

On that note, Fillion continued in the interview to say:

"I'm a little more like [a] sidekick, I'm a little more comic relief, whereas I know Ryan is going to handle [the role] beautifully… Ryan knows exactly what he's doing and having worked with him for over two years, I know how he handles himself, I know how he attacks things and I'm a big fan."

"I just went and saw 'The Proposal,' and I just love him so much… He does really, really good work. ... We've actually exchanged a couple of e-mails just recently, just yakking about it. I'm very excited for him."

I’m a big supporter of both of these actors and would love to seem them work together again after having come so far since their days in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. It'd be nice to see them in a movie together down the road. Maybe there’s a small role in Green Lantern for Fillion to play? Wouldn’t that be sweet.

There have been a ton of big name actors speculated to play Hal Jordan over the last year but only one got featured in his own teaser trailer before the film even began production – that man is Nathan Fillion. Check that trailer out if you haven’t already.

Are you a Fillion and Reynolds fan like I am? What do you think of the Green Lantern selection and is there a spot for Fillion in the movie or other DC live-action movies down the road?

Green Lantern is scheduled to open June 17, 2011.

Source: MTV

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