Nathan Fillion Revisiting Firefly Role For ABC’s American Housewife

Mal Reynolds with Zoe and Jane from Firefly

Nathan Fillion is having a brief return to Firefly, courtesy of a guest spot on ABC's American Housewife. Firefly's TV run may have been brief, with the Joss Whedon sci-fi show only receiving one season, but it's left a lasting impression on fans and has had a legacy long beyond its initial 14 episodes.

Indeed, Firefly has managed to live on in various forms over the years, from its feature film sequel Serenity through to comic books and even a newly announced Firefly canon novel series. Meanwhile, a video game spin-off was mooted, although things have been unfortunately silent on that front for a while. However, fans of the original show hoping for a second season have been left altogether disappointed.

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At the very least, star Nathan Fillion is going to be making reference to Firefly in a new guest appearance. Fillion, who played Captain Mal Reynolds in the show, is going to appear in ABC's American Housewife as himself in a pair of episodes, but strangely enough his attire seems to be that of his Firefly counterpart. A look at that iconic coat was shared by ABC over on its official Twitter page.

Fillion himself was also happy to give a little sneak peek of his return to his Firefly wardrobe. The actor took to Instagram to share a photo, exclaiming that his Firefly trousers were "tight, but 'like a glove' tight." The fact that Fillion is appearing as himself, but playing Mal Reynolds, is an intriguing one, and perhaps in the American Housewife world Firefly is finally getting that revisit that fans of the original show crave.

Of course, in reality getting a second season of Firefly has proved to be a real struggle. Previously Fox had suggested that it would be happy to look at further episodes of Firefly, but said that a reboot would only happy with Joss Whedon on board. Even Fillion himself seems happy with the level of closure that Firefly has received, stating that one great season of Firefly was "enough."

Nonetheless, this ABC guest spot is going to drum up excitement, whether a Firefly revival is on the cards or not. It's one of the most beloved cult TV shows of all time, and almost every hint at a Firefly reunion gets fans excited about potential projects to come. Although Fillion's two episode stint will unlikely to be enough for fans wanting more, at the very least here's hoping there's some nice nods to the show as a whole.

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