Is Natalie Portman Set To Star In Thor?

Along with Nikki Finke's list of potential candidates for Thor, she also had a small blip about Natalie Portman in the lead for a female role.

Excuse me for a second... (was your mind blown too?).

The actress, whose career begun with films like Léon: The Professional and the Star Wars Prequels, might have a role in Thor? That just upped the ante for this project.

Portman, who I want to speculate is a fangirl in secret, brings a level of acting chops and big-name status to Thor that was much needed. Along with the aforementioned prequels, she's also played the role of Evey in V for Vendetta, bringing out the humility in the masked anarchist.

Since the Norse God is seen as a secondary (maybe even third tier) character like Iron Man was, Portman in a lead role gives this movie the credibility it deserves. So the question is... who will she play?

There are a number of female characters in Thor's story arc; some friendly and others--not so much. And since this is the first mention of any female character in the film, a breakdown of the potential roles and plot lines might be helpful.

Women in Thor's circle of acquaintances range from vulnerable mortals to Asgardian Warrior Goddess and, of course, the ultimate femme fatale.

The first protagonist candidate is the character Sif, who's an Asgardian warrior and Thor's lover. As a child, she's a sort of playmate for Thor and Loki. Although she is forgotten when she leaves to gain extensive training in combat, Thor's Father (Odin) deems her a fitting mate for his son. Possessing immorality as a goddess, she prefers the world of Gods over the mortal world of Earth.

But on Earth, Donald Blake (Thor's alter ego) has employed a nurse by the name of Jane Foster. She eventually develops feelings not only for the doctor, but also for the God of Thunder. A love triangle develops but ends when Thor reveals his secret identity and takes her to Asgard. Everything would be happily-ever after, if only Odin didn't detest mortal-god relationships.

Then there's The Enchantress (Amora). Born into the Asgardian gods, she's booted but becomes one of the most powerful magic-wielders--her powers are focused on swindling and controlling people. She uses her sorcery and other "talents" to bend mortals and gods to her will. Sometimes succeeding in swaying Thor, she's mainly an antagonist on both Asgard and Earth. Throughout her history, she teams with a number of characters against Thor--namely, Loki, Skurge (Executioner) and Power Man.

There is another smaller character, by the name of Brunnhilde/Valkyrie. Her aliases consist of Barbara Denton and Samantha Parrington, but the bodies play host to Brunnhilde on Earth. Her first appearance was in The Avengers, Vol. 1 but worth mentioning is her appearance in the Ultimates Universe, she develops a live-in relationship with Thor. Valkyrie has a superhero fetish and no real powers, until she's granted super strength and a limited invulnerability by an unexplained source.

Portman can play just about any of these roles, but if I was forced to guess, I'd say Sif--but I wouldn't doubt her as Jane Foster or Valkyrie and her performance in The Other Boleyn Girl is example enough to be the conniving Enchantress.

We'll just have to wait and see if Portman joins, but who do you think she'll could be?

Thor is now expected to hit theaters June 17, 2011.

Sources: Deadline Hollywood Daily, Marvel

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