Natalie Portman Plays Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things SNL Sketch

Natalie Portman plays a very grown up version of Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven in a hilarious Stranger Things sketch from last night's Saturday Night Live. Portman's second career hosting stint also included a reprise of her infamous foul-mouthed rap video, complete with an Andy Samberg cameo. Portman also brought out her spot-on Jackie Kennedy voice for a sketch where former first ladies show up to give Melania Trump a little useful advice.

Portman's rapping, Stranger Things-spoofing SNL appearance comes just a couple weeks ahead of the release of her movie Annihilation. In the new film, Portman plays a biologist who enters a mysterious zone hoping to find a cure for the illness afflicting her husband, a soldier who previously entered the same zone. Once inside the forbidden area, Portman and her team encounter horrifying mutated creatures. Alex Garland (Ex Machina) directed the sci-fi film based on Jeff VanderMeer's novel.

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Last night's SNL gave Portman a chance to tackle a different sci-fi character: Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven from Stranger Things. The joke's inspiration of course is the striking facial resemblance between Brown and the young Portman. The sketch parodies season 2's controversial episode 7 when Eleven met her lost sibling Kali. The SNL cast take things in a wacky direction, as Portman's Eleven encounters a whole group of lost siblings. See the clip above.

Eleven reacts after Mike kisses her in Stranger Things

The clip opens with Eleven and Mike (Mikey Day) entering a graffiti-covered garage. Portman puts on her best super-intense grown-up Eleven face. Mike meanwhile only cares about stealing another kiss from his would-be girlfriend. This no doubt provides good fuel for all the Mike and Eleven shippers out there. Suddenly, Beck Bennett comes out of nowhere and points a gun at Eleven. The fishing line connected to the gun gives away what's about to happen. Eleven levitates the gun from Bennett's hand and gets a bloody nose. Bennett then reveals that he too has a number like Eleven. And like her, he also has a special power that comes with a very specific minor drawback. He can set things on fire, but it makes him vomit in his mouth.

The gag having thus been set up, more SNL cast members parade out to show their own powers. Cecily Strong can read minds but it makes her fart. Pete Davidson can run like the Flash but it gives him an embarrassing erection. Alex Moffatt makes great chili but it makes his brain bleed through his scalp. Aidy Bryant does an okay Borat impression but it makes her go into a two-day coma. Just when things are slowing down, Leslie Jones comes out to lay the smackdown on the sketch. Her character is named Fifty and her power is that she's 50. So, she has good credit and can leg-press 375.

The sketch ends when Kenan Thompson emerges to show off his power: He can end sketches. Finally, SNL found someone who knows how to end sketches. It only took 43 years. We look forward to the day in the not-too-distant future when Millie Bobby Brown hosts SNL and does a killer Black Swan sketch.

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