Natalie Portman Defends Marvel Movies Against Martin Scorsese Criticism

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in Thor The Dark World and Mighty Thor

Natalie Portman defends Marvel movies against Martin Scorsese's criticism. The ongoing controversy regarding comic book movies has brought in some of the biggest names in the history of cinema, unleashing a debate that continues to evolve.

Things kicked off in a big way just over two weeks ago when Oscar-winning, highly revered filmmaker Martin Scorsese revealed that he doesn’t consider Marvel movies to be cinema. The statement set off shock waves among fans of Marvel and comic book movies in general, with many feeling that Scorsese’s opinion was an unfair characterization of the gargantuan spectacle that is comic book movies. In response, some of those involved in the production of comic book movies such as James Gunn, Samuel L. Jackson, Joss Whedon and Robert Downey Jr. all came forward with statements that countered Scorsese’s position. Never one to back down from a challenge, Scorsese doubled down on his claims recently, which then found the backing of another legendary filmmaker, Francis Ford Coppola.

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Though the continuous debate regarding the cinematic merits of Marvel and comic book movies has remained civil, it doesn’t look set to disappear any time soon. Every few days it seems that someone new is coming forward to offer up their own personal take on the situation. The latest celebrity to offer insight into the debate is Thor star, Natalie Portman. While attending a gala in Los Angeles over the weekend, Portman spoke to THR and had this to say on the issue:

"I think there's room for all types of cinema. There's not one way to make art. I think that Marvel films are so popular because they're really entertaining and people desire entertainment when they have their special time after work, after dealing with their hardships in real life."

The comments come as momentum continues to build for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth film in the franchise, which is currently set for a 2021 release. The statement seems to echo the feelings of other Marvel Universe stars who have spoken up in the past couple of weeks, and with Coppola’s recent insistence that comic book movies are “despicable, it’s safe to say that even more defenders of comic book movies and the MCU are on their way. At the same time, however, given that two of the biggest filmmakers in the history of cinema have already stated their feelings, it won’t be surprising if more iconic filmmakers step up in the coming days and weeks to offer their opinions.

Portman’s comments are interesting, but what this ongoing debate currently needs are unbiased opinions. So far, everyone who has spoken up against Scorsese’s (and now Coppola’s) comments are linked to comic book/Marvel movies. In the end, of course, the debate can be altogether ignored by those who are happy with whatever type of cinema they happen to prefer. But for those who are interested in this specific conversation, it will remain very difficult to gain legitimate insight as long as one side stands to gain financially from the genre.

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