Natalie Portman Cries A Lot [Video]

Natalie Portman Cries A Lot

Natalie Portman is one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood. But she isn't new to the scene and has played a variety of roles in her 17-year film career. It's easy to see why Portman continues to get opportunities - she is beautiful, talented, charismatic and dynamic. She also cries a heck of a lot. We compiled as many of her onscreen weeps as we could fit in a 3-minute mashup video and still left out nearly 10 minutes of footage!

Portman is fresh off her latest tear-jerking role as Nina in Black Swan and soon sheds tears again in The Other Woman. We scoured the rest of her work and found over 45 scenes in which the water works were flowing. Crying is definitely listed in the Special Skills section of this girl's résumé.

It is truly amazing how easy Portman finds it to cry on command. In mashup form, it looks likes she does it at least a few times in every production. Few actresses can pull that off, let alone even try. While it may seem like she simply chooses roles that include a crying scene, one can assume casting directors simply know she is the very best at it. While this mashup may provide a humorous look at her excessive crying, we should also applaud her incomparable ability.

Watch our montage of Natalie Portman's best crying scenes and a list of films involved below.


  1. The Professional
  2. Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
  3. Where The Heart Is
  4. Cold Mountain
  5. Garden State
  6. Closer
  7. Free Zone (Portman cries without interruption for the first 8 minutes straight)
  8. V for Vendetta
  9. Goya's Ghosts
  10. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
  11. The Other Boleyn Girl
  12. Brothers

The best moments are her most hysterical. The moments that truly jump offscreen are those in which Portman really lets loose and screams herself into the most personal emotional state she can muster. Still, amidst all the awe, Portman has had plenty of hysterical moments in the other sense of the word.

The Star Wars prequel trilogy is full of flaws, and the complaints about it still come in droves. One of Portman's most high-profile roles included one of the most memorable lines of her career - "Anakin, you're breaking my heart." Plenty of fanboys have been sarcastically imitating that overly-dramatic scene since Episode III hit theaters years ago. Few blame the actors for their poor performances, but that is an entirely different discussion.

Many actors have a special talent that seems to follow them into every role. Al Pacino is legendary for his yelling and Cameron Diaz apparently has a clause in her acting contract that includes an obligatory dancing-in-her-panties scene. There are plenty of memes just waiting to be created in mashup form, like a compilation of Kristen Stewart's brooding looks or Robert De Niro's confident smirks. But we'll get to making those later ;-).

For now, what do you think about Natalie Portman's excessive crying?

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