15 Things Wrong With Naruto We All Choose To Ignore

Fans who follow Naruto are very similar to those who are hooked on Star Wars-- the two fandoms have a lot in common. Naruto is essentially an institution within the anime and manga community, much like Star Wars is for sci-fi fans. Both put up with massive amounts of plot holes and are extremely forgiving for all the things wrong with the beloved series.

Why? Because both franchises are worthy of the greatness they deserve, despite their many flaws. Naruto is the third most popular manga series in the world and Star Wars has been raking in billions of dollars over the last 40 years.

Ignoring problems within a series or franchise is the sign of a true fan, because let’s be honest-- there’s not a single anime, manga series, or movie out there that doesn’t have issues that can’t be picked apart.

However, for all the things that fans geek out about in Nartuo, there are clearly some parts that most choose to completely ignore.

From the little scenes that make us laugh to events that still bring on the tears, here are the 15 Things Wrong With Naruto We All Choose To Ignore.

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15 The Mystery Surrounding Obito’s Survival

Bringing Obito back to serve under Madara was both brilliant and risky. While the storyline profited from his return, the impact felt during his passing was completely obliterated. There’s also the giant elephant in the room: how did his eye survive being crushed by a giant rock?

Things became even more confusing when Obito took on Madara’s name, helping Madara achieve his Eye of the Moon Plan. However, his reasoning behind helping Madara was never really explained, as he desperately wanted to return to Kakashi and Rin.

Why save a character like Obito? The weirdest part about Obito being saved from death is that his databook stats are still awful. Why would Madara pick such a weak character to bring his master plan into action? Weren't there any other characters that he could have chosen?

14 Straying From Original Concepts To Become More Like Dragon Ball

Originally, the story of Naruto was all about ninjas. Ninja fighting is not at all the same as the fighting which takes place in the Dragon Ball franchise, but for some reason, somebody on the writing team got it into their head that including some Dragon Ball-like aspects to Naruto would be a good idea.

While this may have seemed like a fascinating concept on paper, when translated into the Naruto series, the action scenes lost some of their appeal.

Much like what Fate/Apocrypha did to the original Fate series, Naruto failed at trying to incorporate bigger power-ups and fancier techniques. Sometimes old fashion hand-to-hand combat is exactly what a story needs.

It would be different if Naruto was similar to Dragon Ball, but it wasn't. Over time, Naruto became less about simple jutsu fighting styles and more about massive natural attacks.

13 Kaguya Steals Madara’s Thunder As Best Villain

Madara is clearly the best villain to come from the mind of Kishimoto. Despite Kishimoto making Madara so powerful that he almost didn’t know how to kill him off, no one can possibly replace Madara-- especially not a weak and badly constructed character like Kaguya.

From the beginning of the Naruto story, Madara was always there-- weaving in and out of storylines and arcs, setting the fandom up for the greatest battle in Naruto history.

Without Madara, evil wouldn’t have a proper name in the series. Then, out of no where, Kaguya comes on the scene. Supposedly stronger than Madara as the first wielder of chakra, her arc was a complete letdown to many fans.

Madara was doing fine without you, Kaguya. Please move along now and go back to your god tree, there’s nothing to see here.

12 Naruto Being Shunned Despite The Fact That Minato Is A Hero

Giving Naruto a rough upbringing filled with isolation and anger was a brilliant idea, as it allowed Naruto to naturally bloom into the hero he was meant to be.

However, Kishimoto took this a tad too far when he labeled Naruto as a complete outcast due to the actions of his father. This doesn't make sense since Minato was a hero-- he saved the village, allowing everyone to continue on with their lives as if nothing had happened.

What also doesn’t add up is how the village reacted to Naruto being a Jinchuriki. Being afraid is one thing, but completely isolating and shunning Naruto makes it seem like they wanted him to get angry and become the thing that they feared.

Pushing an innocent child away will only lead to despair-- look at Garra, for example.

11 Gaara Becomes A Kage And Sasuke Wants To Become Hokage

The change in Gaara from schizophrenic psychopath to Kage was hilarious and crazy in its own right. Don’t get us wrong, Gaara is a fascinating character and his background growing up is beyond intense.

However, choosing to make him a Kage out of the blue was certainly unexpected. His character would have thrived had he been given a more normal adulthood, devoid of such responsibility.

However, Sasuke wanting to become Hokage is even an even bigger joke. After all the that things Sasuke did, he’s lucky to be alive and still accepted in the village. Instead of embracing humility, however, Sasuke wants what is rightfully Naruto’s.

Sasuke and Gaara are the last two individuals who should be allowed to rule. While their story arcs might have become a bit blurred at times, these two characters will always be known for their evil deeds-- and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

10 Naruto Takes Hundreds Of Episodes To Mature

Naruto had a rough childhood, there’s no denying that. His desperate actions and needy personality were understandable and relatable. However, slowing down his maturity was simply a cheap ploy to get more manga sales and future anime seasons launched.

Kishimoto made the mistake of thinking that Naruto shouldn’t become fully mature until the end of the series. Can you imagine Naruto being at full power? What would the fight between Jiraiya and Pain have been like if Naruto was there fighting at full capacity?

An argument can be made that it would’ve taken some of the suspense away from the story. However, the possibilities of him maturing faster would’ve also opened more doors regarding stronger and more meaningful storylines throughout the series.

9 Saying Farewell To Our Favorite Sage

Jiraiya from Naruto Shippuden

Fans knew that something was amiss during Tsunade and Jiraiya’s conversation prior to him going after Pain. This was especially evident when she mentioned giving him a chance at having a relationship with her upon his return. The next thing we knew, Jiraiya was gone.

Despite his awkwardness, Jiraiya was accepted. Whenever his name is mentioned, most fans think back to the time when he agreed to train Naruto. While Jiraiya did go out in style, quoting proverbs and sending a secret message in code, the moment was heartbreaking.

Jiraiya wasn’t expendable. Plenty of characters refused to die or kept coming back to life throughout the series, but the one who made us laugh the most will forever be gone. Most fans will never forget.

8 The Mysterious Pill That Saves Chōji

Chōji's love for food and his determination to become the best he can be are two traits that can’t be ignored. Yet, somehow, we choose to ignore one thing that happened to him: how he managed to have his life saved by an antidote to his family’s secret weapon pill.

Chōji is the pill man. If a pill existed to counter his last-ditch effort, which slowly kills him as he delivers a final whopping, why would a group of medical ninjas’ have such a pill but not him?

This seems a little too convenient, though thankfully Chōji is saved and everything goes back to normal. Shikamaru doesn’t lose his best friend and all the tension created by Chōji’s fight scene goes right out the window.

7 Boy Drama Between Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto Sasuke Kiss

The whole Sasuke arc was a giant mess. However, it's hard to ignore the shipping between Naruto and Sasuke, mostly because of the many fan-created memes=. It all started with a little jealousy and one kiss.

There are over 22,000 fanfics that are devoted to Naruto and Sasuke being an item. It’s the second most popular pairing after Kakashi and Iruka in the Japanese fandom. Many fans who support it don't care about how realistic it is, choosing to ignore any arguments that stand in their way. It’s funny, entertaining, and a great conversation starter for anime fans around the globe.

Most fans even believe that Kishimoto is a SasuNaru shipper himself, making the series all the more fun to read and watch. Who can forget Sasuke giving Naurto the pet name "Usuratonkachi"?

6 Dismal English Dubbing

Naruto Censor Bar

The debate over sub vs dub has been going on for decades and likely isn't to get wrapped up anytime soon. Many fans either take one strict side, refusing to even consider the other. However, due to censorship issues and poor casting choices, the English dub version of Naruto is dismal at best.

Lot’s of changes have occurred in the anime industry since Naruto came on to the scene, though. Good voice actors are getting some much-deserved attention for their work, and thus the quality of dubbing has increased tremendously.

Most Naruto fans will swear by sub over dub, and that’s a fair assessment-- especially since the dubbing used to be so terrible. However, the story is great so that we’re willing to overlook it and wait to see how the Boruto dubbing will turn out.

5 Flashbacks At The Most Inappropriate Times

Merging flashbacks into a story can be powerful, allowing the audience to relate to the characters on a deeper level. However, there is a time and a place for flashbacks-- and in the middle of a fight scene is not one of them.

Nonetheless, we did appreciate some of the flashbacks in the series. If it weren’t for these scenes, we wouldn’t understand the true hatred between the Uchiha and the Senja clans.

With that said, fight scenes are intense, and thus sticking a flashback in the middle of one is a major buzz kill. Writers need to know when to let the action flow smoothly.

Introduce important character developments before and after an important scene, not during. However, when a show as popular as Naruto includes horribly misplaced flashbacks, many fans tend to let it slide, since most believe that little annoyances like these are easy to overlook.

4 The Weak Female Characters 

Kishimoto has admitted in previous interviews that he’s not good at writing relationships. However, he should have also mentioned that he’s equally bad at writing dominant and powerful female characters too.

There’s nothing wrong with weaker female characters, but there needs to be a healthy mix. Instead, Naruto fans were left with a handful of female characters that who were neither super powerful nor incredibly weak-- they were just mediocre.

Tsunade tends to stand out like a sore thumb. There wasn’t any drama surrounding her character, which leaves the door wide open for her to become a powerful lead.

Instead, we’re left with her sitting behind a desk and laughing a lot. Come on Kishimoto, she’s a member of the Legendary Sannin, why are we constantly watching her get beat down?

3 The Vast Amount Of Characters

Naruto Jinchurikii

The problem with too many characters being introduced continually within a franchise is that more than a few inevitably get lost in the clutter. Decent ones, such as Ten-Ten and Shino, often get overlooked and labeled as worthless because of this. Gaara is another example of a character who could’ve been a better villain than Obito, but fell by the wayside too.

Fans tend to hate on character development, often citing it as boring and slow. However, the shows and movies need to provide the perfect blend of individuality and action in order to create a good story.

Would Rock Lee have disappeared from the script forever if there were fewer characters? What about Chōji? He could have become a great right-hand man for plenty of powerful leads. More is not always better. In fact, usually it's better to keep things simple.

2 Way Too Much Filler

Filler is a necessary evil in writing, especially in a long series’ such as Naruto. Fans understood that the manga needed time to catch up to the anime, and most were willing to be patient and make due with the filler episodes. However, having filler consist of 221 episodes-- or 44%-- of the Naruto: Shippuden series is a bit extreme.

Granted, some filler episodes were hilarious, and the fandom was happy to include those episodes in the Naruto franchise. Others, however, were borderline torture. Episodes with material like a ninja ostrich, Jiraiya’s Ninja Scroll arc, and various others became the butt of endless rants and jokes.

No one expected Naruto to become the phenomenon that it is today, least of all Kishimoto, so many still give the filler episodes a pass.

1 Waiting 700 Episodes For Naruto And Hinata To Hook Up

We’ll excuse Sakura and Naruto not getting together, since Sakura started off as the main female protagonist (if that). We’ll even excuse Naruto not hooking up with Sasuke. However, why were fans forced to wait until the very end of the series for Naruto and Hinata to get hitched?

They could’ve dated for a couple of years, as opposed to a few months, and the impact would have still been the same-- or better. However, this didn't happen.

Instead, fans were left wondering whether the two would eventually get together or not. When the time finally came, it was more of a relief than a pivotal moment in the story.

Though even this major transgression won’t deter die-hard Naruto fans from turning on their beloved series. Why? Because most fans don’t mind ignoring the flaws in a story that they love.


Can you think of any other things wrong with Naruto that fans choose to ignore? Sound off in the comments!

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