Naruto: 15 Things Sakura Can Do That Sasuke Can't

Sakura often gets treated unfairly in Naruto, being represented as a weak and obnoxious character. While she does have her annoying moments, there are plenty of things that she can do that make her beneficial to a team and to her husband. Sasuke might be adapt in a larger variety of skills and techniques, but there are things he can’t even dream of doing that Sakura can.

One of the most interesting attributes concerning Sakura is her ability to understand genetics while also being able to perform autopsies. These skills tend to be overlooked by Naruto fans, who only focus on her general ability to heal and hit things.

Her skills in the sciences continue to improve in the new generation storyline of Boruto, which has seen her create a technique called the Healing Power Alteration Technique (癒力変生の術).

Not only has Sakura proved her worthiness on the battlefield through multiple occasions, but she has also been shown to be an influential mother and wife too.

Her medical skills continue to grow and become stronger, all while she passes her knowledge onto their daughter Sarada (who happens to have the best qualities of both her parents).

Here are the 15 Things Sakura Can Do In Naruto That Sasuke Can't.

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15 She’s Mastered The Chakra Transfer Technique

The Chakra Transfer Technique was originally created by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. He created this technique to connect the spiritual energies of every living person with the intention of it being used to maintain peace. While it didn’t stay this way and became weaponized over time, Sakura learned how to use it in positive ways through Tsunade.

During the invasion of Pain, Tsunade uses the Chakra Transfer Technique to heal the wounded villagers. Sakura would later use the same technique through Strength of a Hundred Seal and by using Katsuyu: Immense Network Healing to heal the wounded in Shinobi Alliance against the Ten-Tails.

Sakura would use it once again, but in a different manner, while also imitating her teacher. Tsunade gave Ōnoki some of her chakra during the five Kage's fight, and Sakura would later use it to improve Obito's Kamui.

14 She Has A Higher Ninja Rank Than Sasuke

While Sasuke might have an equal rank to Sakura if he had stuck around, he didn’t. This means that Sakura outranks him tenfold. This is not only because she never ran off, but also because she worked hard to achieve the rank of Jōnin.

While most of Sakura’s friends and teammates stayed at Chūnin, that wasn’t enough for Sakura.

Jōnin ninja are considered to be the elite. They are often sent on A-level missions and can take a mission on their own if they want to. While Sakura doesn’t hold her title over Sasuke’s head, the fact that she has it makes it easier for both of them politically.

This is just another area in which Sasuke is in debt to Sakura. Some Naruto fans feel that Sakura should be listed as a Tokubetsu Jōnin (specializing in a certain area), but she’s for some reason not.

13 She’s More Efficient In Shurikenjutsu

Sasuke may be able to wield a sword better than Sakura, but he’d have a hard time keeping up with her Shurikenjutsu skills. Typically, Shurikenjutsu are associated with “sword hidden in the hand techniques.” This involves the throwing of shuriken, kunai, senbon, or any other number of bladed, hand-held weapons.

Since Sakura is already skilled in the use of a senbon, her skills in Shurikenjutsu maker her a deadly threat. Sasuke would learn Shurikenjutsu from Itachi and become adapt at it, but Sakura is clearly more proficient in this area than he is.

Their daughter Sarada benefits greatly by having two parents who can teach her different skills within Shurikenjutsu. If anything, she’ll most likely be better than both combined one day.

12 She Can Seal A Tailed-Beast

As another technique created by Tsunade, the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier can seal in a tailed-beast. It’s performed by using four scrolls and a sample of blood, much like a Summoning Technique.

In order to perform the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier, one must have full control of their chakra and use a scroll to seal in the tailed-beast's massive amounts of chakra.

When using this technique, Sakura would need to locate the target, bind it, and then lower it into the scroll. The only downfall to using this technique is that anyone performing it is completely vulnerable to attack.

This would be where Sasuke would potentially step in and keep Sakura safe if necessary while she was performing this sealing barrier. The original use of this technique was to seal the Three-Tails in permanently.

11 She Can Help Those Who Suffer Mentally And Physically

After the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sakura devoted herself to taking care of the injured and displaced. Her heart went out to the children, many of whom had lost their parents and other loved ones during the war.

Sakura and Ino Yamanaka focused on these children by opening a clinic within the Konoha Hospital. The clinic would specialize in assessing and treating children who suffered from mental illnesses that resulted from the war.

At one point, word spreads of Sakura and Ino’s work, which leads Sunagakure to ask Hokage Kakashi if Sakura can come help them lay the groundwork for a similar clinic.

Sakura physically helped patients too-- and not just children. Her first priority was attending to the adults, after which she turned her full attention towards the young ones.

10 She's Got Both Yin And Yang

Yin and Yang Release are two nature transformations that exist outside of the elemental circle. While Sasuke has Yin Release, Sakura can perform both.

Within Yin Release are techniques like Mind Body Switch Technique and Yin Healing Wound Destruction. Even Tsunade's Yin Seal is connected to spiritual energy and Yin.

Sasuke predominantly inherited Yin Release because of his blood line. Despite mastering six nature elements, Sakura still one ups him by being able to perform both Yin or Yang.

This can be confusing because Sasuke is recorded using a combination Yin-Yang Release. However, according to the Naruto databooks, he only has mastered one of them.

Sakura can use both due to her medical training under Tsunade, and in her ability to continue to grow stronger as a result of that training.

9 She Has Lethal Acupuncture Tools And Training

Thanks to Sakura’s extensive medical training, she is able to use the tool senbon to help a patient or take out an opponent. Senbon are classified as metal needles with a point at both ends.

While they are typically used for medical purposes, they can also be used to strike acupuncture points. This can incapacitate an opponent and even kill them if used with enough accuracy by someone with a medical background.

The senbon needles can be either used similarly to a dagger or thrown like a shuriken. If thrown, they are hard to see due to their size, making dodging difficult.

The tips can also be dipped in poison, in case the accuracy might be off. Being able to use a senbon in order to both heal or attack makes Sakura a double threat on the battlefield.

8 She Can Perform The Creation Rebirth Technique

Created by Tsunade herself, this is one technique that Sakura will always have that Sasuke won't. To use the Creation Rebirth technique, Sakura stores massive amounts of chakra in her forehead within a diamond shaped emblem.

Upon release, the chakra speeds up the creation of new cells within the body through division. This technique can save an individual whose organs are damaged beyond repair by essentially restoring it to a natural state made up of new tissues and cells.

Tsunade has stated that, “as long as she has chakra, it is impossible for her to die by any means.” This means that she essentially gains a form of immortality.

There are, however, adverse effects of using this technique too often. Being that the body can only split its cells a certain number of times during a lifetime, the user will be actually shortening their overall lifespan, or so it is said.

7 She Is A Delicate Illness Extraction Expert

Being able to perform an illness extraction takes an immense amount of control of one’s chakra. Sakura, having more control of her chakra over most, is an expert illness extraction expert.

The technique involves finding the toxin through the victims chakra, then using a chakra scalpel to make an opening above the affected area.

Fluid is then pushed through to remove any poisons while also healing any areas that were damaged because of the toxins. It’s important that this technique be used, even if it is a bit on the cruel side, since the poison that is extracted can be used to create an antidote.

The antidote is then given to the victim, destroying any residual toxins that may have been left behind while using the illness extraction technique.

6 She’s Smarter Than Sasuke

This should go without saying, since Sasuke has clearly made more than a few bad choices during his life: Sakura has a higher intelligence than Sasuke.

She first showed off her brains during their time at the Academy and during the Chūnin Exams. However, it is out in the field where her brains would be most useful, discovering possible tactical advantages and plans.

Sakura can pick up on tactics used by an opponent quickly since she can easily pick up on inconsistencies during a conversation. She has an impeccable memory, allowing her to tap into experiences in order to reach a correct conclusion for any situation that she may be in.

She uses both her brains and = body to fool opponents into thinking that they have an upper hand, when in reality she’s just setting them up for a whooping.

5 She Has More Raw Strength And Power

Prior to her training under Tsunade, Sakura was already adept at storing her chakra in either her feet or her hands. Using stored away energy gives her immense power above any normal punch or kick. After training with Tsunade, Sakura was able to defeat several of Sasori's 100 puppets without even getting her clothes dirty.

Her strength also gave her the ability to go head-to-head with Shin Uchiha, and she is even able to uproot a mast from a ship and wield it as a weapon. In addition, she was able to damage Kaguya with a single blow, breaking one of her horns off.

Sasuke may have more tricks up his sleeve, but Sakura can easily knock him out for days if he ever messes up or even attempts to mess with her.

4 She Can Heal From Remote Distances

Tsunade Sakura Naruto

Summoning snakes may seem cooler than summoning slugs, but it's not when the healing techniques from Katsuyu can save multiple lives over vast distances at the same time.

Sakura is able to perform this feat by tapping into Katsuyu: Immense Network Healing. This essentially allows her to use a cooperation ninjutsu with Katsuyu, which is shared through the Strength of a Hundred Seal.

Katsuyu then becomes several smaller clones and attaches itself to a number of different people. Sakura then channels her medical chakra through Katsuyu, who in turn transfers it to each individual.

The individual’s wounds then start healing immediately while their stamina and chakra reserves return to normal levels. Using this technique even allowed Sakura to find Kakashi and Chōji’s father. Thus she can also directly experience what’s taking place on the battlefield without actually being on it.

3 She Knows How To Use Poison In A Battle

Because of Sakura’s vast medical knowledge and her ability to concoct an antidote for poisons, she is able to use poison as an advantage when necessary.

Tsunade taught her how to create a sleeping gas. This has medical benefits such as knocking an individual out quickly so that she can go to work on them. However, it can also be advantageous when cornered by an enemy.

Shizune went a step further and taught Sakura how to make actual poisons. She could use these to coat weapons with, such as a shuriken, kunai, and even a senbon.

These poisons could have multiple functions like paralyzing an individual or killing them if necessary. Because Sakura has amazing Shurikenjutsu skills, her knowledge of poisons puts her a step above Sasuke in close quarter combat.

2 She Can Summon Slugs

Katsuyu is naturally cuter than any snake. However, thankfully Katsuyu also has many other abilities, as it can spit acid using its Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid technique, which is able to melt rocks.

It can also divide itself into several smaller clones, giving its summoner an advantage over their opponents when it comes to information about their surroundings.

Because of Katsuyu’s genetic make-up, it is difficult for it to take on damage, which was seen during the Pain arc. it can also protect people by absorbing them into its body.

Essentially, summoning a slug like Katsuyu gives Sakura multiple advantages by being able to battle, protect, and heal all at the same time. Compared to Sasuke’s snake, Katsuyu may look cuter, but it can hold its own.

1 She Will Can Look Younger Than Sasuke

Tsunade uses a customized version of the Transformation Technique, allowing her to look young as long as her chakra reserves don’t deplete.

While Sakura hasn’t adapted this technique to be used on herself, she’s still young enough that it hasn’t been an issue. However, as Sarada continues to grow and Sakura becomes older, the option of tapping into this is readily available for her to use.

Sasuke will age over time and technically Sakura should age faster due to her using the Ninja Art Creation Rebirth — Strength of a Hundred Technique.

However, the option is always there for her to use Tsunade’s customized version of the Transformation Technique, allowing her to remain youthful in spirit and appearance.


Can you think of any other things that Naruto's Sakura can do that Sasuke can't? Did you underestimate Sakura? Let us know in the comments!

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