15 Characters Who Are Way More Powerful Than Naruto

The Naruto manga originally became popular due to its gritty and intelligent fight scenes. The beam-based battles of other prominent Weekly Shonen Jump series were replaced with contests of skill, where more powerful opponents could be taken down with proper planning and teamwork.

As time went on, the smart battles of Naruto fell by the wayside and were replaced with the usual energy beams and power levels that ruin so many other series.

No one better exemplifies this than Uzumaki Naruto himself, who was practically a demigod by the time the final chapter rolled around.

Naruto was revealed to be the reincarnation of one of the prominent members of the Otsutsuki clan. He also gained full control over the power of the demon fox and became a master of using Senjutsu. Naruto was practically unstoppable in combat by the end of the series.

However, there were a few people in the world of Naruto who possessed the ability to topple the main character, some of whom were his closest friends and allies. We are here today to discover the people remaining in the world of Naruto with the capacity to topple the Seventh Hokage.

Here are the 15 Characters Who Are Way More Powerful Than Naruto!

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15 Rock Lee/Might Guy

The fight between Rock Lee and Gaara introduced the concept of the Eight Gates to the series. A person could temporarily exceed the natural limits of their strength and chakra production by opening the gates.

However, each step came with an even bigger negative effect on the body, to the point where opening the final gate would make you unstoppable in combat, at the cost of the user's life.

Might Guy finally opened the Eighth Gate during his fight against Uchiha Madara and it proved to be as powerful as we had all expected.

This means that both Guy and Rock Lee (during the Boruto era) possess the capability to defeat any living person in combat.

This moved caused half of Madara's body to be obliterated, despite the numerous powers that he possessed at that point in the story. The only question is whether they would be willing to throw away their life in order to do so.

14 Orochimaru

The true motives of Orochimaru remain in question even throughout the story of Boruto, as he is clearly still up to some shady dealings in the current storyline of the anime and manga. As such, we may see Orochimaru take up the mantle of villain once more, which may bring him into conflict with Naruto.

Orochimaru has managed to cheat death on several occasions, to the point where we have to wonder if anyone can finish this snake off for good. This point is especially important, as Orochimaru might be the only living individual who can still perform the Dead Demon Consuming Seal.

Orochimaru witnessed how the Dead Demon Consuming Seal was performed when it was used on him by Sarutobi. It's entirely possible that he has been saving this move as his new trump card since he was resurrected.

This is important in relation to Naruto, as it has been proven in the past that the Dead Demon Consuming Seal is involved in the sealing of the Nine-Tailed Fox, which may become important if Naruto has indeed perished, as the first chapter of Boruto suggests.

13 Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze Hokage Naruto

The six-part "Kakashi Gaiden" storyline of the Naruto manga gave us our first real glimpse at Minato Namikaze in the days before he became the Hokage.

The legends of his strength were well-founded, thanks to his use of the Flying Thunder God Technique.

This was a jutsu that allowed the user to teleport at will between different specially prepared seals, which could be separated by large distances.

There were many fans who expected Naruto to learn how to perform the Flying Thunder God Technique at some point in the story, but he never did.

This means that he never managed to outstrip his father in terms of combat ability, as the instant teleportation ability of the Flying Thunder God Technique makes its user almost unstoppable in a fight.

12 Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha is one of the main antagonists of Naruto, as he was the one pulling the strings of Akatsuki while he secretly worked to bring Madara's insane plans to life.

One of the unexplained aspects of Obito's powers involved his Mangekyo Sharingan, as it never seemed to have diminished his eyesight through overuse, as was the case with the others who possessed the technique.

This meant that he was free to use his Kamui ability without any repercussions, save for draining his chakra.

All it took for Obito to defeat someone was a moment of physical contact, which would allow him to banish his enemy to another dimension using Kamui.

It took the presence of Kakashi in order for Obito's abilities to be countered, as he possessed the same abilities, which were linked to his own Sharingan that had been given to him by Obito in the past.

11 Kawaki

One of the biggest complaints about Boruto is that it pulled a Chrono Cross and started out by erasing the happy ending that had been earned by the beloved characters of the previous series.

The first chapter/episode of Boruto opened up with the destruction of Konoha and the suggestion that Naruto's life had been taken.

Boruto begins with a character named Kawaki claiming that he is going to be sending Boruto to meet the Seventh Hokage and that the era of the Shinobi is over before the two do battle.

This suggests that Kawaki might be the one responsible for Naruto's demise if he has indeed fallen in battle.

The Boruto manga might have its problems, but this introduction for Kawaki has certainly intrigued a lot of fans. His upcoming role in the story is one of the most anticipated aspects of Boruto, especially in how it relates to the possible death of Naruto.

10 Kabuto Yakushi

Naruto Kabuto

The Fourth Shinobi World War was essentially a huge Boss Rush Mode for the cast of Naruto. This was due to the fact that Kabuto had mastered the Impure World Reincarnation technique to a degree that had never been seen before.

Kabuto was able to bring back an army made up of the most powerful ninjas who had ever lived, who all kept the abilities they had in life.

Kabuto was only overwhelmed due to an alliance of every major ninja village and an unlikely series of events that allowed Itachi to gain control over his undead form.

Anything less would have resulted in an easy victory for Kabuto against pretty much any opponent, as his army of regenerating zombie ninjas would have been unstoppable under any other circumstance.

9 Yamato

Yamato's abilities introduced a major question to the story of Naruto. He was first introduced after the time skip when he was chosen to act as the temporary leader of Team 7 while Kakashi recovered from his injuries.

Yamato was chosen due to his ability to suppress the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox, in case Naruto lost control again. It was never explained why he wasn't put in charge of Naruto from the start, considering the numerous circumstances under which Naruto could have lost control and set the Fox free.

Yamato's ability to suppress the chakra of the Fox, as well as regular chakra, makes him one of the few people who can contend with Naruto's powers after he finally made peace with Kurama and gained access to his abilities.

Yamato could therefore rob Naruto of his biggest trump card in combat.

8 The Remaining Tailed Beasts

One of the big mysteries of Naruto that has still yet to be answered in Boruto involves the fate of the remaining Tailed Beasts after the end of the war. The only ones who are still accounted for are Gyuki and Kurama, who remain inside their respective hosts.

We still aren't sure where seven giant monsters can remain hidden from the world at large, but the remaining Tailed Beasts seem to be staying under the radar.

If anyone was going to have a chance at taking down Killer B or Naruto, then taking control over the remaining Tailed Beasts seems like a good start.

We may also see a situation where they heel turn on their own and decide to take power for themselves.

7 Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha was being built-up to be the final boss of Naruto. It got to the point where even Masashi Kishimoto didn't know how he would be defeated, with even the Eight Gates not being enough to take the Uchiha founder down.

By the end of Naruto, the revived version of Madara possessed pretty much every major ability in the series.

He had both the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan, which he even managed to combine. Madara also absorbed the Ten-Tails and became its jinchuriki.

These powers combined made Madara practically unstoppable and it was only due to some last minute ass-pulls on Kishimoto's part that Madara was supplanted by Kaguya, which may have only been to extend the length of the series a little longer.

6 Deidara

Naruto and Kakashi were able to overcome Deidara during the Kazekage Rescue storyline. This was due to the fact that Deidara was unable to go all-out against Naruto, as they still needed to extract Kurama from his body.

We later got to see Deidara finally cut loose during his battle against Sasuke, where the full extent of his powers was revealed.

Deidara's microscopic bombs and his final C0 explosives required Masashi Kishimoto to dig deep into his pile of excuses in order to save Sasuke's life.

This required him to use a combination of the summoning technique and a high-level genjutsu in the space of a few seconds before an explosion took place, which are abilities beyond that of Naruto's capabilities.

5 Choji Akimichi

Choji's battle during the Sasuke Retrieval storyline ended with him using the Three Colored Pills of his clan in order to gain the upper-hand against Jirobo.

This resulted in him taking the Chili Pill, which is said to increase the user's strength a hundredfold but would take their life in the process.

Masashi Kishimoto got cold feet and pulled back on the deadliness of the pill that Choji took. This led to speculation within the fan community over the strength of the Three Colored Pills compared to that of the Eight Gates. The strength increase granted by the third pill doesn't last for long, but it requires a lot less training in order to use and can potentially be survived.

Choji was able to master a lesser-form of the Chili Pill's effect during the war, which lacked the adverse effects associated with the Three Colored Pills.

The question remains over whether he could still use them in order to gain a massive power boost at the cost of his life?

4 Kaguya Otsutsuki

The final antagonist of Naruto was Kaguya Otsutsuki, who usurped Madara's role at the last minute in order to provide a new foe who was strong enough for everyone else to gang up on.

It's difficult to quantify Kaguya's abilities because she has so many of them. Her mastery of chakra was such that she could manipulate it in ways that have never been seen before or since, which included giving her access to every nature transformation.

Kaguya was given a grab bag of the best abilities in the Naruto world, in order to create a threat that was dire enough to cause the members of Team 7 to put aside their differences and work together.

None of the individual members would have been strong enough to deal with Kaguya on their own.

3 Danzo Shimura

Danzo Naruto

Danzo might have been the smartest guy in the world of Naruto. His range of powers matched that of the lamest fan fiction character, as he reached the point where he was adding bits of body parts from the various bloodline-users of his village, which included an arm that was laced with Sharingans and Senju DNA.

It would make sense to possess a Sharingan, as Kakashi is living proof of the power that such an implant would grant you. The addition of Senju DNA is more puzzling, but Tobi seemed to have worked out why Danzo wanted to possess both.

According to Tobi, Danzo wanted Senju and Uchiha DNA as part of a plot to control Kurama.

Sasuke finished Danzo off before this plan could be put into action, but it may have been possible for Danzo to have taken control of the Nine-Tails while it was still inside Naruto.

2 Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Naruto ended with something close to world peace, as the main ninja villages ended their conflict and the Tailed Beasts no longer became an issue.

Naruto was too profitable to be destroyed, so the story needed to continue, which meant that new threats needed to appear. This led to the arrival of other members of Kaguya's clan, who could become the villains of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. 

Momoshiki Otsutsuki came very close to defeating Naruto over the course of the Boruto movie. It took the intervention of Sasuke and Boruto in order to save him.

Momoshiki is basically the Frieza of the Naruto universe, as he demonstrated the ability to destroy whole worlds. Like Kaguya, he possessed an unparalleled control over chakra and could use several bloodline limits, which made him more than a match for several Kage-level opponents.

1 Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden

It became obvious early on during the story of Naruto that the series would conclude with a battle between Naruto and Sasuke. The only question was what form the battle would take, as the duo would switch between being allies and enemies throughout the story.

Sasuke Uchiha gained new powers at the same rate as Naruto throughout the story, to the point where it became an arms race of ninja nonsense, with the ultimate goal being to see who had the most ridiculous abilities.

It's hard to tell who won, as Naruto's Fox/Sage abilities were matched by Sasuke and his Sharingan/Rinnegan, as they grew more visually impressive and bombastic over time.

Sasuke likely has the upper hand in terms of combat ability as of the Boruto era, due to the fact that he remained in active duty, while Naruto was forced to settle down and deal with the administrative aspects of being the Hokage.

Sasuke was still a shinobi while Naruto had to become the world's most powerful office worker.


Can you think of any other characters in Naruto who are far more powerful than the titular character? Let us know in the comments!

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