15He Felt That His Personality Kept Him From Being Hokage

Jiraiya was officially offered to be Hokage three times, but turned the position down each time. He felt that is personality quirks made him unqualified for such an honor. Jiraiya was deeply loyal to his beliefs and felt that he lacked the responsibility to handle the Hokage position effectively.

If Jiraiya

had become Hokage, several major events in the Naruto storyline would have never taken place. Naruto may have never learned how to do the rasengan, and he certainly wouldn’t have trained with Jiraiya. Sakura probably wouldn’t have been an apprentice in medical ninjutsu, and the groundwork for exposing Pain would have never occurred.

Jiraiya believed his failures and infractions kept him from accepting the title of Hokage, but perhaps it was intuition of his true natural talents that kept him from serving behind a desk.

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