15 Adult Jokes You Completely Missed In Naruto

Adult jokes in animated shows directed towards children are not as taboo here in America as we might think. For decades, popular American-based cartoons have been sprinkling mature jokes into their content. Such animated series like Animaniacs, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Power Puff Girls, and even SpongeBob SquarePants have pushed the line regarding their adult joke content. Naruto isn’t any different.

Japanese culture tells the same adult jokes within a different style and context. Naruto, much like Animaniacs, is sprinkled heavy with a mature humor that is repetitively used throughout the series. It’s this style of comedy that kept Naruto fans interested through hundreds of filler episodes, while drawing a wide age range of fans. For the younger age groups, the content is rebellious and raw, while for the older folks, it’s more of a nostalgia.

Despite Japanese humor differing slightly from American jokes, the west has welcomed series’ like Naruto into their culture with open arms. Anime is growing in popularity at a record high rate across the globe thanks to shows like Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tail, along with new series’ such as Cowboy Bebop and Boruto.

For die-hard Naruto fans, you might remember some of these jokes, so sit back and enjoy the nostalgia while everyone gets a good laugh with the 15 Adult Jokes You Completely Missed In Naruto.

15 Naruto’s Mysterious Pet

Naruto is enjoying an afternoon of training in the woods when he picks up an unexpected and mysterious pet. The creature, known as Onbu, latches onto Naruto’s back without him knowing about it. As he’s walking back into town, villagers are noticing the creature on his back, along with Naruto's newly acquired stink.

Naruto runs into Sakura and she notices that Naruto had an “accident.” She says she’ll sew up his jumper later, but there is no apparent rip (it looks like Onbu went to the bathroom on him).

Naruto gets excited about Sakura being nice to him and while he is distracted, Onbu’s hand sneaks round and takes a grab at Sakura’s chest. Sakura naturally freaks out and kicks Naruto into a nearby fence. Finally, Naruto discovers Onbu on his back as an angry Sakura fumes over him.

14 Sasuke Has An Unusual Response To Naruto’s Special Technique

Since their first meeting at the Academy, Naruto and Sasuke have had an interesting relationship. Naruto is known for using his Sexy Technique in various circumstances, but he likely didn’t expect Sasuke’s reaction.

Normally this technique will cause others to have a nose bleed, blush, or respond with a “that’s all you got?” Sasuke, however, didn’t respond to it in any of these typical manners. Instead, he used the Shuriken he had access to and nailed Naruto right in the bum with it. He then smirks to himself as the Sexy Technique disappears and walks off.

Of all the places Sasuke could have nailed Naruto with the Shuriken, he goes right for the weak spot. Fans always assumed that Sasuke had feelings for Naruto because he didn’t get a nose bleed, but the real proof of those feeling is in the location of where his Shuriken landed.

13 Kakashi Reveals 1000 Years of Death Move

Kakashi in Naruto

The 1000 Years of Death technique is quite simple. The user inserts their index and middle fingers into their opponent’s bottom. What you may have missed the first time Kakashi used it on Naruto, was Naurto’s reaction. As he flies through the air, Naruto looks far from displeased.

While the 1000 Years of Death technique seems to only be in the series for comical relief, Naruto figures out a way to use it to his advantage. During a battle with Gaara as a tailed beast, Naruto replaces his fingers with a kunai that has an explosive tag on the end of it.

The 1000 Years of Death technique is based off of a real Japanese prank called Kanchō. In chapter 5 of Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles; Kakashi, Might Guy, and Rock Lee would expand the technique into Three Thousand Years of Death.

12 Konohamaru Finds His Warm Blanket

Konohamaru looked up to Naruto and wanted to be like him in so many ways. They especially found common ground through their own pervy behavior. Konohamaru would take his own inappropriate actions to a level that Naruto and Jiraiya could never achieve, smack dab in the middle of Tsunade’s bosom.

While the act may have been unintentional as he ran into Tsuande, he took full advantage of having his face smashed between her knockers by referring to them as his warm blanket-- and he didn’t stop there.

Konohamaru took even more advantage of the situation by stating that they smelled great while moving is head around as if he was snuggling a warm blanket. Tsunade responded in a mild way by not punching his lights out, but teased him by calling Konohamaru a "perverted brat."

11 Napping Naruto Calls Sakura A Dirty Name

Tsunade and Sakura check Kakashi out of the hospital and encourage him to continue with Naruto’s training. Meanwhile, Naruto is passed out in a neighboring bed dreaming, snoring loudly and drooling.

He has his body wrapped around a body pillow and is off in his own little dream world. As the three other characters discuss Naruto, he’s shown scratching his bum beneath his underwear and then mumbling “I won.”

Sakura gets pissed and hovers over Naruto screaming at the top of her lungs. As he awake up, Naruto looks at her with his eyes are still half closed and calls her a “dirty **ore.” The English dub cleans up the content and has him say “hey there ugly” instead.

Perhaps he was dreaming about winning her over, or he unintentionally spoke how he truly felt about Sakura for the first time.

10 Pakkun And Shikamaru Share A Personal Moment

Pakkun is a talking ninja dog. In one scene, he is summoned by Kakashi to hunt down Zabuza Momochi. Shikamaru is extremely lazy and considers everything a drag. So, in an effort to motivate Shikamaru, Pakkun tells him that he can touch his paw pads if he succeeds with the mission.

Maybe Pakkun thought that Shikamaru was more into animals than people due to his lazy attitude. However, offering someone to touch your sensitive pads as a reward sounds pretty inappropriate, even by Naruto standards.

Pakkun continues to him show how soft and bouncy his pads are multiple times. Shikamaru is confused and more than disturbed by the offer, which leads to Pakkun chomping down on his hand and saying, “let’s just go” as he drags Shikamaru out into the action.

9 Sakura Regrets Telling Hinata To Relax

Hinata from Naruto

Sakura heads off to the baths hoping to get time to herself when she finds herself surrounded by the other school girls also enjoying a bath. The only person who seems uncomfortable in the bath is Hinata, who keeps her arms crossed over her chest and looks extremely stressed.

Sakura attempts to be nice to Hinata and suggests that she “lie back and relax” because there’s no reason to be embarrassed. Hinata takes her advice and settles back with her arms down. As she removes her arms, everyones eyes get wide and the jaws of all the other girls drop. Hinata quickly crosses her arms again and says in a stuttering voice, “they’re just kind of floating.”

Upset over how Hinata has matured faster than her, Sakura gives into defeat and jealousy, sulking to herself.

8 Jiraiya’s Super Measurement Technique

Jiraiya has a superb memory and apparently a very keen eye for details. As he and Kakashi are having a conversation, Jiraiya randomly spurts out the number "106." Kakashi is obviously confused and questions Jiraiya about its meaning. Instead of responding, Jiraiya stares off into the distance.

After several awkward seconds, Kakashi asks again. Without missing a beat, Tsunade happens to walk past them with her chest bumping up and down. Jiraiya speaks up again once Tsunade is out of hearing range, saying "106 centimeters."

Kakashi is naturally impressed and dumbfounded at the same time. He probably thought that Jiraiya had some deep spiritual knowledge to pass on and instead got the precise measurements of Tsunade’s chest size. The Naruto series has a serious obsession.

7 The Amazing Effect Of The Reverse Harem Technique

Naruto has an amazing ability to use his Sexy Jutsu during the most opportune times in a battle. While battling one of his strongest opponents, Kaguya, Naruto goes solo and uses a move that no one saw coming. He first uses his Shadow Clone Technique, but then switches it to a new move that he calls the Sexy Reverse Harem Technique.

The result doesn’t involve gorgeous looking women, but instead has dozens of men who are scantly covered by floating clouds. The effect of the Sexy Reverse Harem Technique works, as Kaguya is distracted for a mere moment, allowing Naruto to land a direct hit on her.

Meanwhile, Sakura has a nosebleed and passes out while Kakashi muses about how Naruto’s Sexy Technique will end up saving the world.

6 Hot Spring Moments Between Naruto And Sai

Sai has recently been added to Team Kakashi and is not getting along very well with Naruto. Yamato gives them the option of fighting it out in a cage or spending the day relaxing in the hot springs. They both agree to try to work things out and head off to the springs.

While relaxing in the hot water, Yamato comments on how nice it is. He then repeats himself after Sai looks at him with interest. Naruto is freaked out by the eyes Yamato makes as he says his comment and stands up in shock.

Naruto is so shocked that he forgets that they weren't wearing bathing suits, exposing the two. Sai comments, saying that Naruto “has equipment after all.” In the English dub, this was changed to “so you do have balls after all.”

5 Hinata Fan Service With Shino Assist

Episode 271 of Naruto Shippuden is a classic filler, providing clear entertainment while showing off Hinata’s new figure. Shino is putting some plants together when he sees Hinata and falls forward, shocked by her looks apparently.

Hinata bends over to tell Shino that it’s all right, showing off her figure to the camera. She even has one arm crossed over her chest and is resting her knee to show off her best aspects.

As she is squatted down and bent over Shino, one of the plants lines up perfectly with her lower body. The plant has an oval shape with a pink and red center, allowing it to resemble the part that would be hidden under Hinata’s loose flowing skirt.

4 Sakura And Ino Question Tsunade About Her Youth

Ino and Sakura are walking with Tsunade when the conversation turns towards the subject of what Tsunade was like in her younger days. Curious about how she looked when she was their age, the girls easily sway Tsunade to transform into a younger version of herself.

Much to Ino and Sakura’s surprise, Tsunade’s chest is small in size. This causes them to both freak out, asking questions Tsunade like what vitamins she used to take or what her diet was that allowed her anatomy to grow in the ways that it did.

Tsunade takes the bombardment of questions for only a moment, changing back into her projected self and laying down a powerful kick. The scene then shows the sidewalk, which is destroyed with dust everywhere.

3 Naruto’s First Performance For Jiraiya

Jiraiya is explaining to Naruto in his usual inappropriate way that he needs “babes” in order to inspire his writing. Naruto taps into his own creepy mode and uses his Sexy Technique to convicne Jiraiya to train him.

Jiraiya is spell bound and delighted, with his eyes almost popping out of their sockets. For a moment it seems like Jiraiya is going to grab Naruto as if he’s really a woman, and then he bursts into anime flames.

Jiraiya is impressed so much that he gives Naruto a 10, which makes Naruto think that he’s an idiot. They continue to talk about his possible training, all while Naruto is still using the Sexy Technique and talking in a girl’s voice.

Jiraiya says he’ll do it under one condition, to which the still transformed Naruto sheepishly replies, “one condition?” It's pretty easy to image what the "one condition" could be.

2 Pointing Out Trouble For Sakura

Sakura is suffering from a concussion due to a fall that she had, while Tsunade explains that they should keep an eye on her. However, as she is talking, Sakura can only blankly stare at Tsunade’s chest. Tsunade looks questioningly at Sakura and asks her what she is doing.

With a blank and confused expression on her face, Sakura responds by saying: “were these like this from the start? They seem so unnatural. Did they get bigger recently?” Sakura then proceeds to poke at them and watch them bounce up and down. Tsunade freaks out and claims, “I was blessed with these from heaven!”

Despite Sakura suffering from a concussion, Tsunade smacks her over the head. Sakura is left crouched over in terrible pain, wondering where she went wrong.

1 Jiraiya Goes All In For T-Back

Jiraiya is having writers block and doesn't know what one of his characters should look like in his most recent novel. Naruto couldn’t care less about the book, however. In the scene they are sitting by a fire and cooking dinner, but the fire is going out so Naruto wants Jiraiya to spark it.

Jiraiya ignores Naruto's complaining, which causes Naruto to use his Sexy Technique. This particular technique is new, however, and involves a woman wearing a devil tail and horns with a skimpy outfit on.

Naruto then says, “light my fire — please.” The whole scene inspires Jiraiya to want the image of his heroine in the story to have what he calls a T-back (a thong). Naruto gets his wires crossed in the explanation of what a T-back is and transforms into a giant male wrestler with a thong shoved up his bum.


Can you think of any other adult jokes that are hidden in Naruto? Let us know in the comment section!

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