25 Things That Don't Make Sense About Naruto And Hinata's Relationship

Between Naruto and Boruto, one of the central couples of the anime has always been Naruto and Hinata. Initially, Naruto had a resilient, irrational crush on Sakura. This created an unnecessary love triangle of sorts between him, Sakura, and Sasuke. However, in the background, sweet and shy Hinata always pined for the headstrong, blonde-haired boy.

Though she harbored deep feelings for him since the moment they met, she doesn't admit these feelings until his life is in serious danger. And even after that, it takes even more time for the pair to finally get together. When The Last: Naruto The Movie came out, the pair officially were dating and, eventually, married.

In Boruto, Naruto and Hinata are the parents of the protagonist, Boruto, and his little sister Himawari. As parents, they serve very different roles. Hinata stays home loving and supporting them and Naruto is the Hokage. Despite any home problems they struggle through in Boruto, though, they are by far one of the most beloved couples of both series.

Even though they're beloved, though, that doesn't mean Naruto and Hinata are perfect. Sure, they have less problems than Sakura and Sasuke, but there are still some things about them that make fans scratch their heads.

Here are 25 Things That Don't Make Sense About Naruto And Hinata's Relationship.

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Hinata Naruto Himawari and Boruto
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25 The Questionable Way They Raise Naruto

Hinata Naruto Himawari and Boruto

Of course, kids can be hard to control. Hinata and Naruto can't be blamed for all their kids' mishaps (particularly Boruto.) However, Naruto struggles to remember to give his kids any priority and Hinata does nothing to scold him. At best, she gives him sad looks.

Considering how much they both felt like outsiders, you'd think they'd put extra care into making their kids feel loved and supported. Instead, Hinata is way too passive about their behavior and Naruto just isn't even there most times. Do all Konoha parents need to go to a parenting seminar?

24 Hinata Falling In Love With Naruto So Quickly

Young crushes don't take a long time A kid can meet someone and be 100% doe-eyed over them. When it comes to Hinata, though, she took it to another level. Merely hours after really meeting Naruto, she says he's the person she'd want to be with if the world ended tomorrow. Not her beloved sister or her family— Naruto.

Having a serious crush fits how young kids express romantic feelings. Meanwhile, Hinata jumps way too deep and decides she's madly in love with Naruto here and forever even though she's barely spoken to him and doesn't speak to him until years later. Poor girl needs to chill out.

23 Naruto's Long-Term Crush On Sakura

Throughout most of Naruto, Naruto has an irrational, lingering crush on Sakura. Crushes and feelings do what they do, but it doesn't make sense for Naruto to be persistent about it. She uses him to fill her Sasuke void, but she doesn't love him and they've only ever been good at being friends. As he matured, he should have realized how his crush wasn't really based on anything real. After all, he knew she didn't love him when she tried to ask him out seriously.

In that three year gap apart, and knowing she never liked him that way, he definitely should have moved on.

22  Their Children's Personalities

Generally, when a couple has kids, they spread out the personality traits fairly evenly. Of course, one kid or another might lean towards a certain parent, but they still get some traits from the other adult.

In the Uzumaki household, both kids seem to take heavily from Naruto. Both are outspoken, emotional, and true to themselves. Himawari may be softer like Hinata, but otherwise they are very much fiery, Uzumaki children. This especially is baffling when Naruto is such an absent father. They definitely should have taken after their mother a little more.

21 The Last: Naruto The Movie Takes Way Too Long To Acknowledge Hinata's Confession

Hinata Protects Naruto While Pain Pins Him With Chakra Rods

During Pain's assault, he knocks Naruto down. Out of love and desperation, Hinata stands herself between the two ninja. While doing this, Hinata finally confesses her love to Naruto, saying she'd gladly give up her life to save him. Pain knocks her down with ease, but it  inspires Naruto to defeat him.

The Last: Naruto The Movie spends most of the film ignoring this exchange. Naruto acts like he doesn't know she loves him, and Hinata acts like she hasn't confessed yet. Even when Naruto acknowledges the scene in a flashback, it's much deeper into the movie. When Hinata spoke very plainly about her feelings, it doesn't make sense for any of that to happen.

20 Naruto Fangirls

After the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto has accumulated a bunch of fangirls giving him gifts. While it makes a lot of sense for him to have a lot more positive attention, the ferocity of his fans is a little wild. Sure, he's a powerful hero, but Jiraiya, Kakashi, and others who are also powerful heroes never got this kind of crazed praise.

Furthermore, after Hinata's confession and support through the war, it's absurd so much time is spent on him with these girls. It's about time he get with the sweet Hyuga, not open hordes of presents.

19 Young Hinata Waiting So Long To Talk To Naruto

According to The Last: Naruto The Movie, Hinata has adored Naruto since she was a very young kid. However, in the series, they make it clear that they didn't really talk otherwise until the Chunin Exams. Yes, Hinata was a quiet, reserved young girl. There's a determination and strength hidden in her, though. Even if she wasn't loud about it, it doesn't make sense for her not to have tried to be close to him before then.

Furthermore, outsiders attract outsiders. If they were like the average kid, they definitely would have stayed good friends from that bullying day on.

18 Kids Bullying Hinata For Her Eyes

In Naruto, Hinata is a member of the powerful and esteemed Hyuga clan. They are defined by their eyes, the cloudy Byakugan that is the source of their strength. With such a fearsome and esteemed family, it would make sense if they were respected around the village. If anyone slighted a Hyuga, especially one from the head family, they'd face the wrath of the whole clan.

However, somehow, these bullies are able to bully her, and for the eyes that make her clan so intimidating. It's very on-brand for the young Hinata not to stand up for herself, but for them to thoughtlessly make fun of a Hyuga? That doesn't make any sense at all.

17 Hinata Getting Jealous Over A Scarf

When Naruto saved little Hinata from bullies, they absolutely destroyed his red scarf. Many years later, Hinata works very hard to make a replacement for him. Problems arise, though, when he starts wearing a new, blue scarf she doesn't know anything about. She becomes very self-conscious and jealous of it.

While that could make sense for the average teen girl, Hinata always just wanted Naruto to be happy. For lack of a better term, she's not the jealous type. So for her to get all flustered and upset about a different scarf is out of character, especially since it's nothing romantic and Naruto never says it is.

16 Not Talking About Toneri's Plot Before Hinata Was Taken

Toneri And Hinata In The Last Naruto The Movie

Toneri is very likely the worst person at proposing. After all, he proposed to Hinata by threatening her sister's life. He's the main problem in The Last: Naruto The Movie, trying to use Hinata's Byagukan powers for his own gain.

Though he forces Hinata's hand, she had time before he took her. She could have easily informed her ninja comrades of his plan so that they'd come to his domain more prepared. And, of course, to make sure Naruto knew that she really wasn't choosing moon boy over him.

However, no one seems to think things through that sensibly when hostage siblings are on the line.

15 Hinata's Physical Weakness

Hinata Uses Byakugan In Boruto

As a member of the Hyuga clan, Hinata is innately stronger than the average ninja. However, between her insecurities and shyness, struggles for a long time to tap into that potential.

Even once she understands her strengths better, though, she's not nearly as strong as she should be. Against Pain, of course she still wasn't strong enough to defeat him. Instead of him swatting her like a fly, though, she should have been able to put up a fight for a little while. Sometimes her weakness simply makes no sense.

14 Naruto's Romantic Denseness

Naruto Hinata And Sakura Team Up In Naruto Shippuden The Movie Bonds

Sakura often talks about Naruto's romantic denseness, especially with Hinata. After all, he spends a very long time completely clueless about the girl who openly likes him.

However, at the same time, Naruto is romantically intelligent to know Sakura doesn't love him. He even refuses her affections when she tries to pretend she does want him that way. That's not something a clueless man does. Someone clueless would have accepted her offer and only realized something was wrong later.

Overall, his denseness is very sporadic and only used when it's convenient, so it's a stupid excuse.

13 They Support Sasuke And Sakura's Relationship

While watching the main characters of Naruto fall in love excited most fans, many were less excited about some of the pairings. In particular, Sakura and Sasuke. When they wanted to see him redeemed and grow, they didn't quite see him as a married family-man. Ultimately, Sasuke didn't end up one, still a lone ninja on missions, but he did marry.

Considering Sasuke and Sakura barely spend time together, he doesn't show her any affection, and basically just married her to restart the Uchiha clan; it's not the greatest relationship. Regardless, Hinata and Naruto still support them. If Naruto really wanted Sasuke to normalize, maybe he should sensibly start with his marriage.

12 Them Not Being On A Team Together

Team 8 in Naruto is Kiba Hinata and Shino with Kurenai sensei

When the genin teams were formed, the teachers chose them for people that fit well together. Understandably, that led to a new Shika-Ino-Cho situation. However, there are some decisions that fans can debate. For example, Sakura fits with Sasuke and Naruto because she's prone to intelligence and eventually healing. However, wouldn't an even better support have worked better for them? Not only could Hinata be a perfect scout, but she could block chakras for them and even offer a bit of medical ninjutsu.

With the two most offense-based, headstrong ninjas, a true support would have been a much better fit. However, instead Sakura ends up on their team.

11 Hinata's Out Of Character, Mid-War Slap

During the Fourth Shinobi War, Obito tries to fatally attack Naruto and Neji sacrifices himself instead. Making an example out of Neji, Obito tries to get the Naruto to give in. After all, his friends are losing their lives to protect him.

While he's freaking out, Hinata decides to knock him out of it by slapping his face. Though it's not a hard slap, it's a slap nonetheless. Sure, she needed to get his attention, but a slap is very unlike Hinata. Her personality is not fierce or aggressive enough for that. Something more supportive would have made more sense. Grabbing his hand or touching his face would have been more fitting.

10 Naruto Thinking Hinata Really Rejected His Confession

In The Last: Naruto The Movie, the main ninja conflict is Toneri interfering with the Hyuga women in hopes to obtain all Byakugan control. Somehow, through marriage to Hinata, the "Byakugan Princess", he can achieve this. By kidnapping her little sister Hanabi and threatening her friends, he convinces her to go with him.

Unfortunately, she leaves during Naruto's love confession and he thinks she's rejected him.

However, if Naruto had a single brain cell he'd know years of adoration, protection, support, and her love confession don't just go away. He should have known something was up, but instead he illogically just got sad.

9 Hinata Letting Naruto Cheat Off Her Chunin Exam

One of the first times Hinata and Naruto interact in Naruto is during the Chunin Exams. Seeing his frustration and panic with his blank sheet, Hinata offers to let Naruto cheat off her written exam. At first, Naruto thinks this is a trick, but quickly realizes it's just Hinata being a kind person.

Despite her feelings for Naruto, this was possibly the stupidest way to get a boy to notice her. Not only could it get her and her team disqualified from the exams, but she didn't know too much about Naruto at this point. That's way too much trust in a strange, eleven year old boy.

8 Their "Gaze Of Truth" Thing They Have With Each Other

Later, in Naruto: Shippuden, fans discover that Hinata and Naruto are able to tell when they are real or fake. For example, when Naruto uses all his shadow clones, she always knows which one is the real Naruto. They say they can figure it out when they look into each others' eyes.

Though it's a cute, romantic message, it's a little silly. First of all, it's hard to catch the eye of every shadow clone when Naruto commonly makes at least 100 of them. And secondly, it would have been cleverer if Hinata just trained her eyes to be able to see it because of a chakra anomaly in the original or something.

7 Hinata's Fainting Issues

Hinata And Shiikamaru in Boruto

After Hinata fights Neji in the Chunin Exams, she faints during the final tournament rounds. From then on, she has a problem with fainting and it's a bit weird. It makes sense in that situation, her internal wounds were still pretty serious, but by Shippuden, she'll faint at the sight of Naruto. Not only is that inconvenient but also mildly annoying.

Of course, it's mostly played as a gag, showing off just how shy and anxious her Naruto crush makes her feel. When she's younger, it's even sort of cute. Yet as she reaches young adulthood, it's just kinda awkward. Hinata is an adult and deserves better than childish fainting.

6 Their Rushed Courtship

Hinata And Naruto On Their Wedding Day

In The Last: Naruto The Movie, Hinata and Naruto finally admit their feelings for each other and go in for the kiss. Only a few months later, the pair are getting married already.

With all the time they spent together as kids and how close they already were, it makes sense that they would get even closer very quickly. However, it still all seems a bit rushed. You'd think they'd want to enjoy their new relationship before making it too serious. At least they aren't Sakura and Sasuke, though, who walk off in the forest one day and get married and have a kid.

5 Hiashi's Acceptance Of Naruto

Hiashi Hyuga in Naruto

The Hyuga clan is very traditional and strict. After all, they have unique, special eyes and are very protective of them. On a personality level, though, they're a fairly serious bunch with an extreme sense of duty to their clan. That's why Neji's father sacrificed his own life to keep his brother, the head of house, alive.

On the other hand, Naruto is a very goofy, impulsive, loud person. He's nothing like the Hyuga clan.

Though Hiashi Hyuga would be an unlikely candidate to hate Naruto, it's still surprising how readily he accepted him into their family. He would bring some very interesting, different blood into their family line.

4 Being Connected By The Red String of Fate

While the Red String of Fate is a common superstition in Japan, it's something that Naruto never played around with. Ergo, the fact Hinata and Naruto are tied that way isn't surprising, it's just surprising in the context of the show. If it was that big of a deal, they should have heard some legends or stories about it before The Last: Naruto The Movie. Since they didn't it feels a little out of place.

However, the Red String of Fate could have been interesting, if it made more sense in the anime. Who else might be tied by the Red String?

3 Hinata Defending Naruto's Parental Neglect

Shino in a Parent Teacher Conference With Boruto and Hinata

In Boruto, one of the defining Naruto/Boruto moments is when the busy Hokage willingly misses his daughter's birthday. Boruto is irate, but Hinata just excuses his behavior on his job. She says she misses him and is disappointed, too, but being Hokage is important.

Understandably, her son doesn't love this answer and stays mad at his dad. With some push and pull, the two eventually reconcile, but Hinata never stepped in and stood up for her kids.

While Hinata loves Naruto, she shouldn't make excuses for his neglect. The Third Hokage was able to spend time with everyone, including Naruto, when he led. It doesn't make sense that she shouldn't demand better behavior for their kids.

2 How Long It Took Naruto To Realize Hinata's Feelings

Almost everyone knew that Hinata was madly in love with Naruto. By Shippuden, she was practically basing her entire life around him. Hinata even fainted just by seeing him sometimes.

However, somehow Naruto remains clueless. For someone so charismatic and attuned to other friends' feelings, he really should have been able to notice. Particularly since he still seemed to act oblivious after she confessed her love to him before almost sacrificing herself. Though Naruto can be dense, it doesn't make sense at all for him to be that dense.

1 Hinata's Stilted Character Development

Hinata started off a fascinating, insecure character trying to grow into her own power. However, slowly as the show went on, all of her arcs completely revolved or relied on Naruto. While that was frustrating, at least she was growing as a person.

By Boruto, though, Hinata has become completely stilted. She has nothing to do and just exists on the show as this smiling housewife. Finally getting Naruto is a real win for her, but she still deserves her own development. Boruto's story would make more sense if she was struggling with Naruto's absence more, too. Perhaps she could learn to stand up to him and grow their relationship further.


Did we miss any other things that really don't make sense about Naruto and Hinata? Let us know in the comments below!

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