25 Wild Revelations About Hinata And Naruto’s Relationship Fans Didn’t Realize

When Naruto first started, fans did not expect that the number one knucklehead ninja would find love. The cast was tight-knit through the beginning stages of the story, and the only love interest that seemed possible was Sakura. Sakura was obsessed with Sasuke in the early part of the series, but fans imagined Naruto would end up with her somehow in the end. Suddenly, all the speculation changed when Hinata Hyuga was revealed to the fans.

Hinata, herself, is a revelation many fans did not know until it was shown to them. It was hard to picture anyone admiring Naruto, when all fans saw was how rejected he was by his community. Throughout the manga and anime, the two shared several intimate moments that led to their marriage. Fans responded positively to the growth of this relationship and how every new revelation shaped the two characters.

This list aims to revel in the nostalgia of those revelations. None of these entries are new information to the biggest fans of this relationship but is more of a rewind down memory lane. Every entry was new information when it was first uncovered, and no fan even speculated on it before it was revealed. That detail is what makes these entries revelations– big moments in Naruto and Hinata’s relationship that fans did not know about before the event occurs.

With nostalgia goggles on, here are 25 wild revelations about Hinata and Naruto’s relationship fans didn’t realize.

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Hinata Uses Byakugan In Boruto
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25 Truth In Their Eyes

Hinata Uses Byakugan In Boruto

Many people talk about knowing their partner’s thoughts, but few show that its a reality. To be able to look in the other person’s eyes and glean truth from it is a superpower. Indeed, not many characters in any series are shown with that level of understanding.

Naruto and Hinata both show this kind of ability. They both remark that they can see the truth in one another’s eyes. The two are on the same page and honestly seems like a guarantee in their relationship, which is not something fans knew about until the two mentioned it.

24 Roots For Naruto Over Teammate

Team 8 in Naruto is Kiba Hinata and Shino with Kurenai sensei

Poor Kiba could not catch a break. Between getting farted on and losing his match, Kiba had a rough time, but what was even tougher was the fact Hinata did not cheer for him. Granted, Hinata did struggle with the decision, but fans could tell she wanted Naruto to win.

This decision to root for Naruto over Kiba cemented her admiration for him in fan’s minds. Viewers knew she had a crush on Naruto, but this moment in the series illustrated that the crush would carry on past a plot point. For many fans, this is the revelation that made them believe in the couple’s chances to happen.

23 Naruto First Sees Her As Shy And Dark

Naruto Hinata And Sakura Team Up In Naruto Shippuden The Movie Bonds

Fans knew Hinata liked Naruto. The revelation was quick and apparent. What was not clear was how Naruto felt about her. After all, fans knew that he liked Sakura early on in the series.

The fact of the matter was that Naruto did not understand Hinata at first. Fans discovered this detail when Naruto refers to her as dark and shy. Those are his first comments on Hinata in the whole series. It is safe to say a lot of work had to be done for Naruto to see Hinata for what she indeed is.

22 Hinata Is Often Alone

Hinata Laughs At Irukas Apology on Behalf of Naruto

Fans knew Naruto’s backstory. The main protagonist is always being explored, and his emotions were on the table from the get-go. The same could not be said for Hinata, however. The chunin exams marked the first time fans began to understand her.

The revelation to come out of her match with Neji Hyuga is that she faced the same rejection that Naruto did. Her own family pushed her out of the line of succession, in favor of her sister. The shy, reserved nature she shows leads her to be alone a lot, and it’s a big reason why she and Naruto understand each other so well.

21 The Red Scarf Binds Them

Hinata Hides Her Red Scarf In The Last Naruto The Movie

There are many theories about the exact meaning behind the red thread in Naruto. Culturally, the thread can signify a spiritual connection between people. This belief is shared by many fans in the series, and it is more than possible that the writer wanted the thread to signify its real-world meaning.

Either way, the red scarf that Hinata knits Naruto physically binds them at one point. The final film of the series shows the act and the way it shares Hinata’s memories with Naruto. The moment revealed a change in character for Naruto and launched the series in a new direction.

20 Hinata Gets The Entire Hyuga Clan In Support

The Fourth Shinobi World War is the climactic battle for the series that includes a lot of storylines wrapping up. At one point, Naruto seeks the support of the Hyuga clan in battle. The exact details are not crucial to this entry, but just understand that idea is a big request.

Hinata plays a considerable role in getting their support around Naruto. The fact she holds enough influence and courage to speak to her family in that way shows how Naruto helps her grow. The revelation highlighted how the two characters push each other to become better and more confident people.

19 Having Two Children

Hinata Naruto Himawari and Boruto

Fans expect a married couple to have children, especially when the rumors of a new show centering around the protagonist’s child are swirling around before the final movie. Hinata and Naruto having Boruto is no surprise. Fans expected it because of the rumors.

However, the final movie also revealed that the couple would have another child. The special surprise was a revelation. It shows that the family they both sought is growing and that the Boruto does not have to be alone. Himawari is a revelation that not every fan saw coming.

18 Pain Confrontation Leads To Confession

Hinata Protects Naruto While Pain Pins Him With Chakra Rods

Everyone expects Naruto to defeat the main villain at the end of any given arc. Every story culminates in Naruto finding a way to destroy the ultimate villain standing in his way. For the Akatsuki arc, that villain was Pain, but the ending is a revelation.

Pinned down and nearly defeated, Naruto is on the brink of defeat when Hinata steps in to protect him. The triumphant moment led to Hinata confessing her love for Naruto. It’s a massive step in their growing relationship and illustrated chapters of growth culminating into this big surprise standoff.

17 Special Bento Boxes

Sometimes even the tiniest revelation is flat out adorable. For instance, learning that a character does something special out of love for their partner signals so much about how unending their passion is. This revelation from the new series highlights that exact idea.

Hinata makes special bento boxes for Naruto to eat for lunch. It is revealed to Boruto (who is delivering one) that she makes them as a token of her love for Naruto. It is tiny details like this that remind the fans why they love this couple in the first place.

16 Hinata’s Anata

Every couple gives each other cute nicknames, right? Okay, maybe not every couple does, but some of the sweetest couples in any series will do this. Hence, why Hinata’s nickname for Naruto is one of the sweetest revelations for fans.

Hinata calls Naruto “anata” which means darling. It isn’t the most unique nickname, but it highlights the growing level of trust between the two characters. The fact fans even get to see this side of their relationship is a revelation.  

15 Hinata Protects Naruto Too

Naruto is seen standing up for Hinata a few times early in the show’s arcs. He is loud and boisterous, so the cheering becomes evident. What is not clear is how much Hinata protects Naruto.

Since their days together at the academy, Hinata is shown to be in Naruto’s corner for everything. Hinata stands up for Naruto and protects him in unseen ways. This comes to a head when she protects him from Pain (mentioned earlier). That final act is just the visualization of years of protecting him.

14 Relationship Only Became Official Plot Later

Naruto Boruto Himawari and Hinata Enjoy Ramen by Tumblr artist Benlo0

Hinata was not technically the one for Naruto at the beginning of the series. Masashi Kishimoto said in an interview that it wasn’t until a little later in the manga’s development that he planned their arc out more thoroughly.

Now, in the grand scheme, this is still early in the series. Kishimoto decided they would end up married during the first part of the manga, but he did not see the relationship until Naruto was already a solidified character.

13 A Note For The End Of The World

One of the sweetest memories revealed to fans during the final film was a moment from their childhood. Iruka asks all the students to write down who they would spend the end of the world with, but Naruto decides to make his note into a paper plane and throw it out the window. This disregard irritates Iruka and Naruto gets a lecture because of it.

However, while this is going on, Hinata is looking on. She then writes Naruto’s name on her paper. For many fans, this moment is seen as the beginning of Hinata’s crush. She keeps that memory held inside her for years until Naruto is willing to realize he would choose Hinata to spend the end of the world with too.

12 Kishimoto’s Reason For A Scarf Symbol

The red scarf is already a topic that draws many fan’s interests. The exact details of its meaning are covered in an earlier entry. However, there is even more backstory to this symbol.

Kishimoto revealed in an interview that his partner made him a scarf as well. The symbol of love that connects him to his partner is the same one that connects Naruto to Hinata. The scarf having real-world motivation is just another sweet revelation fans were shown.

11 They Effortlessly Combine Chakra

The ability to combine chakra force is not readily explained in the series. Sure, shinobi can combine jutsus and use that combination to devastating effect. However, that is not the same as combining natural chakra.

Chakra is the essence of a shinobi’s energy. This concept then begs the question: why is it so easy for Naruto and Hinata to combine their chakra? The idea is not explored super often in the series, so the moment is not clear. This combination could be a symbol of how compatible the two are, or the moment is just another tool in any shinobi’s arsenal. The intent is not clear.

10 Hinata Is Naruto’s First Admirer

Naruto ends up becoming famous by the manga’s end. He is destined to be, and all the citizens of Konoha recognize and appreciate him. With this admiration comes many admirers.

Still, fans know in their hearts that Hinata was the first. Even before Iruka entirely gives his support and love to Naruto, Hinata is there for him. Her admiration for his spirit and fight is recognized almost immediately. While other characters take a dozen arcs to appreciate and admire Naruto’s talent, Hinata is already appreciating him from afar.

9 Hinata Keeps Her Hair Short For Naruto

Naruto Filler Arcs Included Leftover Genin Team Hinata Naruto Kiba and Akamaru

There is some debate amongst fans as to the real significance of Hinata’s hair. Some argue that she keeps it short in the first part of the series to symbolize how she is disgraced by the main branch of her family. However, others see a more romantic gesture.

All the girls at the academy grow their hair out for Sasuke. They hear he likes long hair, so they grow it out. Hinata does the exact opposite. Fans claim this is her symbol to Naruto that she believes in him and she doesn't care about Sasuke.

8 They Have A Theme Song

Naruto and Hinata as High School Students by Jupitrie on Deviant Art

Not many couples are gifted their own theme song. Many of the relationships that come from the series are touching, but none of them have a recognizable song to accompany their relationship.

Naruto and Hinata’s coupling is such a huge part of the series that a whole movie is made about them getting together. In said film, the creators make a theme song to announce them as a couple. This point means that Hinata and Naruto are one of the few couples with their own theme song. Not many relationships can claim that.

7 Hinata Can Mentally Call Out to Naruto

During the climatic ending to the series, Hinata gets trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi with the other fighters. What is clear is that every person stuck in it is terrified. The technique threatens all of their lives, but only Hinata finds a way to get help.

Hinata and Naruto are so intertwined that she is able to mentally call out to him while trapped. While the entire world is trapped in this enslaving genjutsu, Hinata finds a way to contact Naruto. If that does not speak to how interconnected these two are, then nothing will.

6 Their Childhoods Go Along Same Track

Loneliness and retreatment are common threads with these two characters that are covered extensively in this list. Naruto retreats within himself as a child, but he breaks through this hang-up quickly. Hinata has the same hangup, but her growth is so much slower.

What is clear is that both their childhoods are filled with rejection and doubt. Both are cast out by their communities as children and put on a path of denial. Neither seems to fully fit in as children, and their real talent goes unappreciated. The idea that the two will find each other after living an isolated existence is reassuring to many fans who knew that these two had to end up together.

5 They Boost Each Other’s Confidence

The best couples make each other better. They challenge the other person and being around their partner helps them grow. This is apparent in many of the relationships that occur throughout the series (even non-romantic ones); however, none are as clear as Naruto and Hinata’s growth.

The two give each other confidence like its going out of style. There are countless incidents were one of these characters ends up inspiring the other. Naruto is not afraid to challenge Hinata to grow and vice versa. This confidence boosting talent is a revelation for the fans that keeps on giving.

4 First Date After Engagement

Hinata And Naruto On Their Wedding Day

Fun fact: so couples get engaged then start dating. Seriously, it is not unheard of when two people know each other for so long. So, with that in mind, hopefully, it feels less strange that Hinata and Naruto did not start going on dates until they were engaged.

The two clearly spend time together before their engagement, but their first date is shown after their engagement. Clearly, Naruto is slow to move, but his proposal pushes their relationship to its blooming point. The idea that they are finally able to date only after they are engaged is not super strange, but it sure is a revelation.

3 Naruto Confesses His Love Way Later

Think about how long it takes Naruto to confess his love. Seriously, ponder it for a moment, this article is not going anywhere. Now that it’s out of the way, Naruto took way too long to confess his love.

Honestly, the guy had so much time to come to his senses and realize he loved Hinata. It took an entire movie after the series for him to finally get over his hang-ups. For all the courage and care that Naruto shows in the series, fans did not expect his confession to come so late.

2 Naruto Protects Hinata From Mean Attacks

Naruto and Hinata in The Last Naruto The Movie

More childhood moments for this entry. Look, for this love story to fully play out, fans needed to see how Hinata got the crush in the first place. People do not fall in love out of nowhere.

When Naruto is shown standing up for Hinata while she is being annoyed, fans were able to glean more understanding. Suddenly, the couple's roots extended further past the chunin exams. Fans saw the sacrifice Naruto made to protect Hinata, and that care went a long way in her eyes. Revealing backstory is always a great way to help fans move forward with an idea.

1 First Kiss On The Moon

If Las Vegas were to have opened up betting on where Hinata and Naruto were going to have their first kiss, the odds makers would not have made the moon the best bet. The moon seems like the last logical place for a couple to share their first kiss. After all, how possible is it to kiss on the moon?

Turns out it’s super possible in Naruto’s world. The resolution of the final film shows the two outlined by the moon sharing their first kiss. It’s a moment for the ages, but fans never expected the two to share interstellar romance. The most significant moment in their relationship is definitely one viewers never saw coming.

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