Naruto: 10 Questions About Hinata, Answered

Hinata from Naruto

When introduced in the Naruto manga and anime, Hinata Hyuga was a shy girl trying her best to master shinobi skills. Her quiet attitude and desire to avoid conflict made her an unlikely ninja, but she persevered.

Casual fans know Hinata grew up to marry the same person she had a crush on her entire childhood: Naruto Uzumaki. She’s a fixture in the franchise, and its spinoff, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Fans who were introduced to her as a result of the spinoff series might not realize just how important she was in the original story. Of course, with gaps in the timeline and some versions of novels not available all over the world, even long time fans have questions about her.

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10 Why Did Hinata Wear Her Hair Short Originally?

Fans were quick to notice that all of the female shinobi in training in Naruto’s generation wore their hair long. Sakura and Ino kept their hair long because they wanted to appear appealing to Sasuke Uchiha. Tenten often wore her hair up in buns, keeping it out of the way of her weapons. Hinata, however, had her hair cut to her chin.

The reasoning there is possibly two-fold. With Hinata’s eye on Naruto, she wouldn’t want to draw the attention of Sasuke - who supposedly thought long hair was becoming. There is also a cultural reason. In Japanese culture, when a girl disgraced her family, her long hair was cut short. With Hinata’s family not having faith in her as a shinobi, her father might have made the decision to cut her hair instead of her.

9 When Did Hinata First Appear?

Young Hinata In Naruto

When watching the anime or reading the manga, Hinata’s first appearance occurs in different places. For the anime, Hinata made her first appearance in the very first episode. She appeared as one of Naruto’s classmates in the Academy, and the audience was aware from the beginning of how much she admired Naruto. In the manga, however, her appearance came much later.

Hinata first appeared in Volume 4, Chapter 34, called “Intruders?!” In the volume, Konohamaru came into contact with a pair of surprise visitors to the village while Naruto and his classmates were preparing for the Chunin Exams. Hinata appeared only because her team was referenced. She wouldn’t have meaningful interactions with Naruto until the exams were underway.

8 When Did Hinata First Meet Naruto?

Hinata encountered Naruto for the first time as a young child when she was being bullied by older boys. Naruto stood up for her, though he didn’t yet have the skills to defend them from the physical attacks of the boys. The encounter made Hinata continue to watch him from afar, always admiring his courage and determination.

7 Did Hinata Pass The Chunin Exams?

Naruto fans will remember that when his generation took the Chunin Exams, the final matches were interrupted by Gaara’s tailed beast starting to emerge. Shikamaru was the only genin to move on to chunin level at that time. While Naruto took two years to train with Jiraiya away from his home village, the rest of his former Academy classmates trained and took the exams again.

Hinata’s team did well in the initial stages of the exam that tested their written knowledge and commitment as a team. During their practical assessment, however, they didn’t do so well. Hinata’s team was tasked with stealing a scroll and bringing it back to a meeting place. They got caught in a sandstorm and had to be rescued, but the exams were called off due to conflict in nearby villages. Though her team shouldn’t have technically passed, Tsunade opted to make Hinata, Kiba, and Shino chunin level shinobi anyway.

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6 What Does Her Name Mean?

Boruto and Himawari Shown In The Last Naruto The Movie

Hinata’s name literally translates to “place in the sun,” which makes her naming of her daughter Himawari pretty fitting. Himawari translates to “sunflower.” Without a place in the sun, sunflowers can’t grow to full maturity.

Of course, there’s also another reference to family when it comes to Hinata’s name. The kanji for her name is actually the same kanji for her family name, Hyuga (日向) Himarari’s name also contains the same kanji, though in reverse (向日葵). The use of the same language in their names is another reminder to the audience of how important Hinata’s family is to her.

5 What Is Hinata's Favorite Phrase?

Hinata Defends Naruto From Pain

To be fair, this probably isn’t a question a lot of fans have typed into search engines over the years. It is, however, something the team behind Naruto thought was important about the characters. Databooks released during the run of the manga shared stats about the characters, and favorite words and phrases were a common piece of information included.

Hinata’s favorite phrase when the books were released was “self-confidence.” For a young woman who always seemed to be insecure in her own skin, it makes sense. Hinata frequently had to talk herself into actions, hyping herself up the way she thought Naruto would, in order to give herself the confidence boost to keep going. As an adult, she’s become much more self-assured.

4 What Did Hinata See In The Infinite Tsukuyomi?

Naruto kissing Hinata

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, most of the shinobi world ended up caught in the ultimate genjutsu. The Infinite Tsukuyomi caused those caught in it to hallucinate their dream world. Only the original Team 7 - Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke - didn’t wind up caught in the hallucinations.

While Hinata was caught, she saw a world full of love and family. She sat on a bench in a peaceful place with Naruto, her longtime crush. While they sat, content, her sister Hanabi and her cousin Neji looked on from afar. Her hallucination reminded fans how important her family and love was to Hinata. 

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3 How Many Shinobi Missions Did Hinata Complete?

Naruto Shippuden Team 8

According to the databooks, Hinata only completed 33 total missions during her time as a shinobi. As a genin, she was involved in 10 D-ranked (the easiest level) missions. Following that were 14 C-ranked, 8 B-ranked, and 1 A-ranked mission. The A, B, and C missions were all likely completed once she was officially ranked as a chunin since they were all more difficult missions.

Of course, these are the official numbers in the databooks. If the anime filler episodes were included, it’s entirely possible that Hinata’s numbers would go up. Interestingly, Hinata, despite frequently being involved in searches for Orochimaru, Sasuke, and members of the Akatsuki in the anime, officially never went on an S-ranked mission, the most difficult of all. 

2 Why Is Hinata The Legendary Queen Of Gluttony?

Hinata As The Legendary Queen Of Gluttony On The Wall Of Ichiraku Ramen

Fans who search the internet for information about Hinata will find that she’s got some interesting nicknames. She’s called the Byakugan Princess in reference to her original position as the heir to the Hyuga clan. Hinata also has the title of Legendary Queen Of Gluttony.

That title isn’t just a nickname, but one she earned. In the Boruto anime series, the title accompanies her picture on the wall of Ichiraku Ramen. Hinata participated in a ramen eating contest at some point during the time skip between Naruto Shippuden and Boruto - and she won!

1 Why Isn't She A Shinobi In Boruto?

Hinata Hyuuga in Naruto Shippuuden

Plenty of fans have speculated just why Hinata went through so much shinobi training during Naruto and Naruto Shippuden only to live as a housewife in Boruto. Those fans tend to forget that Hinata didn’t begin shinobi training because she wanted to be a ninja, but because she had something to prove.

Hinata entered the Academy with her entire family believing she was too weak to become the heir to the Hyuga clan. She wanted to prove them wrong. As her classmates dubbed her too shy or nice, she worked even harder. Hinata also lived in a time when the threat of war between nations, and at the hand of Orochimaru, was always possible. Training made her prepared for anything, but it didn’t mean she had to live as a soldier in the future.

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