Naruto: 15 Craziest Fan Theories That Make TOO Much Sense

The schedule of a weekly manga artist is horrific. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has confirmed that he works seven days a week and only sleeps for three hours a night. The other creators at Weekly Shonen Jump magazine live with similar schedules, which involves planning, writing, pitching, and drawing twenty pages of content a week.

Masashi Kishimoto lived this punishing lifestyle when he was creating Naruto. This weekly grind is likely why certain story elements in Naruto didn't make sense. The series ended and the fans were left with a lot of unanswered questions. This didn't stop the fans from coming up with their own answers to the more puzzling aspects of Naruto's story.

We are here today to look at the craziest fan theories that the Naruto fanbase has come up with in order to make sense of the series.

From the original fates of Rock Lee and Neji to the truth behind Naruto's upbringing, here are the 15 Craziest Naruto Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense!

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15 Kabuto Was A Spy For Jiraiya

It seems that Masashi Kishimoto was trying to turn Kabuto into the Severus Snape of Naruto for the longest time. We were treated to numerous scenes where his loyalty to Orochimaru could be called into question. It wasn't until the final story arc that we learned the truth of Kabuto's origins and the fact that he was always Orochimaru's man.

Kabuto's true loyalties may not have always been set in stone, as he was the most likely candidate for being Jiraiya's spy in Orochimaru's organization.

Jiraiya seems to be the most knowledgeable person on the inner-workings of Akatsuki, as well as Orochimaru's upcoming plans. He was somehow able to learn that Orochimaru had switched bodies early and had to wait before he could do it again.

The only people who would have had access to that information (in the time it would have taken for Jiraiya to learn it) were Kabuto, Sasuke, and Orochimaru himself. It's also telling that Kabuto never engaged Jiraiya in combat when the battle between the three Sages happened.

14 Kakashi's Mother Came From The Inuzuka Clan

Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Obito in Naruto White Light Chakra Sabre

The characters in the world of Naruto don't seem to like talking about their family and lineage. No one bothered to tell Naruto that his father was the Fourth Hokage until he was in his teens. We never saw Sakura's parents in the manga, nor do we know anything about the parents of characters like Rock Lee and Tenten.

The lack of information concerning the family of many characters has led to numerous fan theories that have speculated about the true lineages that were ignored in the story. The most prominent of these states that Kakashi's mother was a member of the Inuzuka Clan.

This is due to the fact that he possesses the ability to summon dogs, uses dog-based attacks (like his Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang), and the fact his sense of smell was said to be better than Kiba's. The last one is especially impressive, due to the fact that Kiba is a member of Inuzuka Clan.

13 They Never Escaped From The Moon's Eye Plan

Madara's plan to save the world was stolen from The Matrix. He was going to trap all of mankind in an illusion so powerful that it was indistinguishable from the real world. In this dream world, everyone would have their heart's desire. They would become the hero of their own story and find the victory they had wanted in their lives.

The Eye of the Moon Plan was thwarted by Naruto and his friends, which released everyone from the illusion. At least that is what everyone believes. It's entirely possible that that Eye of the Moon Plan involved a "second Matrix" layer, which made people believe that they had escaped when they actually hadn't.

All of the main characters survive the war and are able to bring about world peace, which is something that isn't challenged until the arrival of Boruto, which may not even be considered canon to the original series.

12 Neji & Rock Lee Were Supposed To Die In Part 1

The two most conspicuous absences in the second part of Naruto in terms of appearances were Rock Lee and Neji. These were two of the biggest characters in the series and they were almost totally forgotten about. Lee mainly hung around so that he could act impressed when Might Guy did something cool, while the only important thing Neji did was die.

Fans have speculated that Kishimoto wanted to kill off Lee and Neji during the early parts of Naruto, but was forced not to by his editors. The early chapters of Naruto included the deaths of several children, like Haku, Team Shigure, and Team Dosu.

As Naruto started to become big on an international level, it would make sense that the people at Weekly Shonen Jump wouldn't want Kishimoto to kill off two fan-favorite characters, who also happened to be pre-teens.

It also explains how they were both able to survive such horrific wounds during their battles against Gaara/Kidomaru and why they never did anything of relevance again.

11 The Reason Why The Third Hokage Was Considered The Strongest

Hiruzen Sarutobi was nominated to become the Third Hokage after he offered to sacrifice his life to save his team by acting as a decoy. The Second Hokage acted as the decoy instead, which allowed Sarutobi to escape and become the new leader of Konoha.

Over the course of his life, Sarutobi was referred to as the most powerful shinobi who had ever lived. He held this regard, even though he possessed no special bloodline. Sarutobi was considered to be even more powerful than the Fourth Hokage back when he was in his prime.

So why did people say Sarutobi was the most powerful Konoha ninja when you also had Minato, Hashirama, and the entire Uchiha clan? The answer is simple - he was the only one who lived to an old age. All of those other powerful ninjas died in the prime of their life. Sarutobi was the best ninja because he survived long enough to reach his late sixties.

10 Orochimaru Altered Karin's Memories

Karin is a former servant of Orochimaru's, who joins up with Sasuke and becomes his most loyal ally. It's also obvious that Karin is hopelessly in love with Sasuke, as she constantly comes on to him and tries to find excuses to be alone with him. We find out that this is because Sasuke saved her life during the Forest of Death part of the Chunin exam arc.

The original encounter between Karin and Sasuke doesn't make any sense, though. We never saw her during the Chunin exam and Sasuke isn't the kind of person who would risk his life to save a ninja from another village. He was pretty brutal to the other contestants that he battled against (including the ones from Konoha.)

It's entirely possible that Orochimaru altered Karin's memories to make her devoted to Sasuke. He did this to Anko, in order to make her forget the details of the creation of her cursed seal.

Orochimaru likely did this because he wanted a healer who was dedicated to keeping Sasuke alive, as he wanted to take over his body. He could also have wanted someone around who would be agreeable to procreating with Sasuke so that they could create more Sharingan users.

9 Sai Was Originally Going To Have Copy-Based Powers

Sai Naruto

There are certain characters in Naruto who were introduced... and then did nothing of importance for the remainder of their time in the story. Jugo and Suigetsu were two such characters.

You could easily remove them from the story and lose nothing of relevance. You also had characters like Yugao, who swore to get revenge for the death of Hayate, and then never did anything ever again.

Sai is another character who was built up for big things and then added nothing to the story. It might have been a case of Kishimoto growing bored with him, as there were hints concerning Sai's abilities that were never followed up on.

When Sakura reads Sai's picture book, she sees drawings of him fighting foes. The next page would show Sai wielding the weapon of the previously defeated opponent. This seems to suggest that he would have had some mimicry or ability-stealing power. The significance of these drawings is never mentioned again. Sai uses his ink-based power set for the remainder of the series.

8 Obito's Control Over Yagura Was Part Of A Sadistic Revenge Plot

Obito was able to take control of one of the five major ninja villages in the period of time before the series began. He was able to use the Sharingan/Genjutsu to take control of Yagura, who was also the Fourth Mizukage.

This allowed Obito to reign over the Hidden Mist village from the shadows, which aided in helping him to form Akatsuki. Obito's control over the village lasted until Ao was able to detect that Yagura was being controlled.

It is speculated that the reason Obito went after Yagura was part of a revenge plot against the Hidden Mist village. They were responsible for the plot that led to Rin's death, though it took some time for Obito to learn the details of the attack.

Yagura's reign as Mizukage was known for being the bloodiest and most brutal, with comrades being forced to kill each other. It's likely that Obito was responsible for this regime, as he wanted to make the villagers suffer as much as possible for their part in Rin's death.

7 Orochimaru Is Biding His Time For Sarada

The Naruto regime of Konoha is pretty forgiving when it comes to past crimes. Naruto seems to have forgiven both Orochimaru and Kabuto for their previous misdeeds and has accepted them as allies of the village.

It doesn't matter that Orochimaru committed horrific experiments on unwilling test subjects, tried to destroy Konoha, and was responsible for the death of the Third Hokage. The same goes for Kabuto, who was partly responsible for starting a world war. It's cool, though, because they said that they were sorry.

Kabuto might have found inner peace, but Orochimaru doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would retire his evil ways. Orochimaru is likely biding his time, as the current top brass of Konoha are far too powerful for him to overcome.

A brand new Uchiha is available for his plans, he just needs to wait until the time is right before he strikes. The destruction of Konoha that is seen at the start of the Boruto manga might be the perfect opportunity for his move against Sarada.

6 Hidan Was Like Rock Lee

Hidan has some of the most unusual powers in all of Naruto. He is functionally immortal and can regenerate from almost any wound. This allows Hidan to link himself to his opponent like a living voodoo doll, which means that he can mortally wound himself and have the damage appear on his enemy as well.

It has been speculated that the reason Hidan doesn't use traditional jutsu is that he can't. Hidan may suffer from the same affliction that Rock Lee has, which means that he cannot properly manipulate the chakra within his body.

All of Hidan's attacks either involved his scythe or were based around his occultism. Hidan only ever uses the Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood, which acts more like magic than anything else. He needs to draw a symbol on the floor and taste the blood of his enemy before the technique can be used.

Hidan's story might be like the Mirror Universe version of Rock Lee's. He fell to the temptation of evil gods because he wasn't able to perform Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. The mockery he received from the other ninjas may have been what sent him over the edge.

5 Minato Was So Powerful Because His Friends Died

The Fourth Hokage was one of the most powerful ninjas who ever lived. This was partly due to his Flying Thunder God Technique, which allowed him to teleport instantly. The Fourth Hokage was able to use this technique to devastate armies, due to the incredible speed that it granted him.

We know that Minato was a prodigy, even before he became the Fourth Hokage. So what was it that prompted him to become so powerful? One theory states that it has something to do with his teammates from when he served under Jiraiya.

We still know nothing about these two people, not even their names. It's likely that they died at some point, as we have yet to see them appear in the story, save for a single shot of Team Jiraiya that appeared as part of a flashback.

It's possible that Minato's teammates died while on a mission. He was unable to save them, which prompted his creation of the Flying Thunder God Technique, as it would mean that he would always be there when needed.

4 The Hyuga Clan Was Preventing Danzo From Taking Over The Village

Danzo Naruto

One of the unanswered questions regarding Naruto involves Danzo. Why didn't he take over the leadership of Konoha after the Third Hokage had been killed? He was able to do it while Tsunade was in a coma, yet he couldn't do it when no other suitable candidates were around? This is made even more confusing when it is suggested that Danzo actually helped Orochimaru with the attack.

The answer may lay with the fate of the Fourth Mizukage. Ao of the Hidden Mist village was able to detect that Yagura was being controlled after he acquired a Byakugan in his eye.

Danzo may have been wary about using Shisui's mind control abilities within the proximity of so many Byakugan users, as they had both the power and political clout to overthrow him. Danzo had to wait until he was absolutely sure that he could acquire the position legitimately, which involved discrediting Tsunade and her methods.

3 Jiraiya's Low Output As An Author Was Due To His Memory

Jiraiya was somehow able to land a major publishing deal, despite the fact that he was both a hermit and a ninja. His original novel about ninjas didn't sell well, so he turned to the other subject that he knew a lot about... dirty jokes. Jiraiya's Icha Icha series was very popular, even though we never learn exactly what they are about.

The Icha Icha series only contains three books (save for a few non-canon ones) that were written by Jiraiya. It's odd that he only ever produced three books in his lifetime.

One possible reason for Jiraiya's reluctance to write more books is due to the fact that he has them memorized. He used his knowledge of his books to send a coded message back to Konoha after his death.

It's possible that Jiraiya has all of his books memorized, in case he needs to leave a top-secret message. His reluctance to write more books might be because he didn't want to have to go through the process of memorizing another one.

2 Team Shigure Attacked Gaara Because Pain Ordered Them To

Gaara was one of the most frightening characters in Naruto during his youth. He was a literal ticking time bomb, who had the potential to blow up and massacre everyone in the vicinity of his rage.

The members of Team Shigure must have thought that they were a bunch of badasses, as they directly challenged Gaara and his siblings in the Forest of Death. It didn't take long for Gaara to massacre the three of them, as their lame umbrella gimmick didn't do much against him.

So why did Team Shigure attack Gaara and his crew head on? It's possible that Pain ordered them to test the strength of the Jinchuriki of the One-Tail, as Akatsuki would eventually need to capture him.

They may have also been ordered to permanently incapacitate or kill Gaara, in order to free the One-Tail and let it destroy Konoha. Unfortunately for Team Shigure, the plan backfired and they were quickly killed.

1 Naruto's Upbringing Was Part Of A Plot To Influence His Personality

One of the most baffling aspects of the story of Naruto involves the main character's upbringing. Naruto was effectively abandoned and forced to raise himself, even though he was the son of the previous Hokage. The Third Hokage never took Naruto in, even though he would go on to raise his own grandson.

It makes no sense that the elders of Konoha would allow the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails to be raised in an environment that could cause him to hate the village and allow the Fox to emerge once more. That is, unless, they wanted Naruto to seek out affection, as part of a plot to control his personality.

Naruto has always been loyal to the village and its people. His upbringing may have been manufactured to make him seek out affection and the recognition of his comrades, in order to inspire the loyalty needed to resist the Nine-Tails. This idea might seem far-fetched, but it makes a lot more sense than the idea that the village was just ignoring a person with the potential to turn into a giant monster.


Do you know of any other fascinating Naruto fan theories that solve massive plot holes? Let us know in the comments!

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