Narcos: Mexico Trailer Shows Diego Luna Building His Empire

Season 4 of Netflix’s drug war drama, Narcos, gets its first trailer with Diego Luna and Michael Peña headlining the rebooted series.

Diego Luna Narcos Season 4

The first trailer for season 4 of Netflix’s Narcos has arrived, along with a premiere date announcement that puts the drama back on the streaming service in November. After two seasons of chasing down Pablo Escobar and then the Cali Cartel, the drug war drama is undergoing something of a soft reboot, with a new cast of characters and a new setting focused on the Guadalajara Cartel in 1980s Mexico, hence the slight title change to Narcos: Mexico. 

Though changing up a successful formula is usually a risky proposition, Netflix and Narcos have found a solution that will not only ensure fans of the series come back for the new season, but it will likely make the series enticing to new viewers as well. Joining the show are Diego Luna and Michael Peña. Luna will play the role of Félix Gallardo, a trafficker with plans of building an empire. Facing off against him will be Peña’s DEA agent Kiki Camarena, who will find himself tested in his new position after moving to Guadalajara from California. 

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The trailer is more of a teaser, but despite its brevity it offers a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come. And for Narcos fans, it looks as though the new season will be more of what they want from the series. Luna, in particular, looks as though he’s ready to fill Wagner Moura’s shoes, after the latter portrayed Escobar during the series’ first two seasons. There’s not a whole lot of Peña on display, but, with the exception of season 3, the series has always been more focused on those on the wrong side of the law anyway. 

Narcos: Mexico looks as though it will make the transition into this new, rebooted season fairly easy for audiences. Seemingly aware the difficulty of moving on from the terrific third season told from the point of view of Pedro Pascal’s Javier Peña, season 4 has stacked its cast with plenty of new and familiar faces. In addition to Luna and Peña, the series also welcomes Jackie Earle Haley, Aaron Staton (Mad Men), Matt Letscher (The Flash), and Yul Vasquez (The Looming Tower), among many others. 

As far shows worth checking out this fall, Narcos: Mexico was already high on the list, but this new trailer makes scheduling a mid-November weekend binge-watch a no brainer. Not that it needs it, but hopefully Netflix will offer up a more extensive look at the series, just to tide viewers over until the season drops. 

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Narcos: Mexico will begin streaming on Netflix on Friday, November 16. 

Source: Netflix

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