Narcos Season 3 Trailer: Witness the Rise of an Empire

Narcos season 3 now has a full trailer. And although Pablo Escobar is dead, the action only seems to be heating up. The third season of Netflix’s ‘inspired by real events’ drug drama is due to land online soon, and by the looks of it, it’s set to be a very tense run of episodes.

With Escobar (Wagner Moura) out of the picture, his rivals in the Cali Cartel are due to rise in both prominence and notoriety. This new empire will be every bit as drug-fuelled, dodgy and deadly as the reign that preceded it. You can watch the preview in the space above.

“It was cocaine incorporated,” the trailer teases, spelling out the scale and ambition of the Cali Cartel in ominous tones, “and they ran it like a Fortune 500 company.”

Deadline explains that Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela (Damian Alcazar) was the big chief of the Cali Cartel. Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela (Francisco Denis) was his brother. Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann) was a hitman connected to the crew. And Chepe Santacruz Londono (Pepe Rapazote) was their connection in New York City.

Pedro Pascal in Narcos

Judging by this new teaser, these four heads of the Cali Cartel will be sitting pretty atop of the DEA’s hit list during Narcos season 3. Returnee agent Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal) will surely be hot on their heels throughout. Presumably, a number of less law-abiding enemies will be hunting them down, too.

It seems safe to expect things to go from bad to worse this season, with massive piles of cocaine and near-constant gunfire surely being on the agenda. Plus, Netflix has already ordered season 4, so there’s no need to wrap things up neatly in these next ten episodes.

In fact, rather than winding things down, Netflix seems to be ramping them up. There will be new faces added to the mix this season, including the Cali Cartel’s security expert Jorge Salcedo (Matias Varela), money launderer Franklin Jurado (Miguel Angel Silvestre) and reluctant gang member David Rodriguez (Arturo Castro). There are also two new DEA agents: Chris Feistl (Michael Stahl-David) and Daniel Van Ness (Matt Whelan).

Place your bets now on which of those characters will actually make it through the ten episodes of season 3. If previous episodes are anything to go by, the only thing worth betting on is an ever-increasing body count on both sides of the war on drugs.

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Narcos season 3 premieres on Netflix on September 1.

Source: Netflix, Deadline

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