Narcos: Mexico Full Trailer Shows The Reimagined Series' Impressive Scope

Diego Luna Narcos Mexico

The full trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Narcos: Mexico gives the best look yet at what is turning out to be an almost top-down reimagining of the hit series. This time, the drug war is focused on the rise of the Mexican cartels, headed up by Diego Luna’s Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, as he embarks on the dirty and bloody business of building an empire. By the time the words “Based on a True Story” flash across the screen it already looks as though this new season (or series, really) is set to outdo what’s come before. 

It likely would have been easy enough for the streaming service to sell the idea of Narcos: Mexico on Luna alone. After all, he was in a billion dollar-grossing Star Wars movie not too long ago. But the series is intent to keep the series balanced with its depiction of members on all sides of the drug war, and this time it aims to do so with the introduction of Michael Peña’s Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena, an American DEA agent who finds out just how dangerous it can be to go after members of the cartel. 

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So far, Netflx hasn’t been shy about promoting the new Narcos by using its stars. The service has been slowly rolling out updates on the upcoming season, first with some still images of the actors in character, and then with a brief but exciting teaser trailer. Now, the full trailer has been released and it not only shows off much more of the story, but wows with the impressive scope of what looks to be the biggest season of Narcos yet. 

The new season also hints at some big alterations to the look and feel of a typical season of Narcos. While viewers will likely have to wait and see if the series sticks with its tried-and-true style of heavy narration, the new trailer gives some indication that the show’s producers and directors are going to be playing around with the format in some exciting and fun ways. One notable aspect of the new trailer is just how heavily it leans into the ’80s setting, both the musical selection of the trailer itself and in the way the show has been shot. It almost looks like the filmmakers are trying to emulate the look of ‘80s television. 

Just how that will translate in terms of audience reception is anyone’s guess, but considering just how big a hit Narcos has been for Netflix for three seasons now, it’s a good bet that plenty of subscribers will be bingeing Narcos: Mexico this November. 

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Narcos: Mexico will stream on Netflix beginning Friday, November 16, 2018.

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