Naomi Watts Is Marilyn Monroe

A promotional image at Cannes Film Festival presents actress Naomi Watts doing her best Marilyn Monroe. But this is no tabloid photo. Watts is in costume and makeup as she prepares to portray Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming biopic Blonde.

Based on Joyce Carol Oates' novel of the same title, the story follows Monroe's highly publicized life, including relationships with John F. Kennedy and Joe DiMaggio.

This is one way to pick up the buzz for a film not set for production until January of 2011. But did you really need convincing that Watts would pull off the look of Monroe? She is a gorgeous blonde and just as charismatic as Monroe. More importantly, she has proven an ability to deliver a performance directly from the unforgettable era of the mid-20th century.

Although Peter Jackson's King Kong was set in 1933, Monroe's popularity was not far behind. It is tough to truly pinpoint another actress so perfectly suited to sing "Happy Birthday" to the President.

Marilyn Monroe is a relatively untapped resource in entertainment. There are plenty of fascinating storylines from her life to focus on and explore in the film. And frankly, there are not enough films for leading ladies to shine as the main character.

But the Weinstein Company has their own plans to put Michelle Williams in the iconic role. The Williams-led My Week With Marilyn begins filming in September and tackles the actress' time on the set of the film The Prince and the Showgirl.

Source: Allocine via Playlist

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