Nancy Drew Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Nancy Drew 2019 Series

Nancy Drew has always loved a good mystery. The character developed in the 1930s in a series of novels that has since expanded into children’s books, movies, games, and more. Every generation has their own fond memories of Nancy Drew.

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The newest version of Nancy Drew and her friends comes to us from the CW in their television adaptation. It’s spookier than the previous versions, with real ghosts haunting the Clue Crew on a regular basis. Nancy sure could have used some ghostly experience from the witches and wizards of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. In fact, she probably would have fit in just fine at the magical school, though her frequent accomplices wouldn’t all end up sorted into the same Hogwarts houses.

10 Ned Nickerson: Gryffindor

Ned Nickerson In Nancy Drew Gryffindor

Though he’s always been Ned in the novels before, this generation’s Ned Nickerson prefers “Nick” instead. Ned is a little too old fashioned for him. Despite not wanting the old fashioned name, he’s still a pretty old fashioned hero, sorting into Gryffindor.

Nick can’t stand to see people in trouble. Not only does he try to come to Nancy’s rescue repeatedly in the first few episodes of the series, but the whole reason he ended up in jail was the result of him trying to save a friend and things going downhill from there. He’s emotional, stubborn, and brave, just like your typical heroic Gryffindor.

9 Ryan Hudson: Slytherin

Ryan Hudson In Nancy Drew Slytherin

Most of what the audience knows about Ryan Hudson so far is through the lens of suspecting him for his wife’s murder. Sneaky and greedy, Ryan is definitely a Slytherin.

Ryan spent his time married to Tiffany using her money and cheating on her. After her death, he still hides his girlfriend from the world, and he’s still after her money. Ryan is all about Ryan. His own self-interests are a result of his intense desire to stay the richest and most powerful man in town. Sounds like every Slytherin we’ve ever read about.

8 Tiffany Hudson: Ravenclaw

Tiffany Hudson In Nancy Drew Ravenclaw

When the audience first met Tiffany Hudson, she seemed like an entitled rich kid who hated Horseshoe Bay. First impressions, however, can be deceiving. 

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Tiffany loved a good mystery almost as much as title character Nancy Drew. She enjoyed classic lit, scavenger hunts, and puzzles in all of their forms. That combination led to her leaving a trail of clues for Nick to follow after her death. Tiffany is a surprising Ravenclaw, and it’s a shame fans will only get to know her post-life.

7 Laura Tandy: Gryffindor

Laura Tandy In Nancy Drew Gryffindor

There are two big things we know about Laura Tandy so far: she isn’t afraid to cause a scene and knows her sister’s death was no accident. Laura flew into the series in the fourth episode making her intentions clear. She is back in Horseshoe Bay to get justice for Tiffany. Her boldness and sense of justice definitely has her leaning into Gryffindor.

She’s also got those impulse issues a lot of Gryffindors have. Instead of considering the consequences of her actions, she acts. We see this not only when she steals a flashdrive Tiffany left to Nick instead of asking about it, but also when she encourages her sister’s ghost to take over George’s body at George’s expense so she can help her. Laura means well, but sometimes she leaps before she looks. 

6 Ace: Hufflepuff

Ace In Nancy Drew Hufflepuff

Five episodes in and Ace still doesn’t have a last name, but that’s fine by the audience. He’s primarily spent his time helping Nancy with her look into Tiffany’s death and befriending Bess. Ace is one of those people who just loves to help. He’s definitely a Hufflepuff.

He goes out of his way to make sure Bess is comfortable when he realizes she might not be heterosexual. Ace also goes out of his way to make sure she isn’t embarrassed about living in a van. He even constantly offers his support to George and Nancy, no matter what trouble they’re getting into.

Now, he is also an informant for the chief of police, which means he is spending a lot of time lying to his friends. It’s clear that’s taking a toll on his loyal Hufflepuff heart though - and he’s also only doing it as a result of loyalty to his family. 

5 Chief McGinnis: Gryffindor

Chief McGinnis In Nancy Drew Gryffindor

If ever there was a stubborn Gryffindor in Horseshoe Bay, it’s got to be Chief McGinnis. Nancy has been making his job difficult since she was just 12 years old, and he hasn’t forgotten about her, despite her sabbatical from solving mysteries since her mother’s death.

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McGinnis isn’t bad at his job, as evidenced by Ace handpicked to be his informant around town. He is, however, incredibly stubborn. McGinnis wants everything handled his way - or not touched at all. That’s why he holds on to Nancy as a suspect despite knowing she wouldn’t have killed a random woman during her shift at The Claw. His emotional reaction to Nancy’s help speaks right to the heart of Gryffindors.

4 Carson Drew: Slytherin

Carson Drew In Nancy Drew Slytherin

Carson Drew might be the most difficult sort of the Nancy Drew characters. Despite being a main character, and a huge part of Nancy’s life, we don’t know a ton about him just yet. His intelligence and his law practice could sort him into Ravenclaw, but so far, he seems more like a Slytherin.

Carson Drew is a man of many secrets. As a lawyer, he’s contractually bound to keep whatever his clients want him to private. That doesn’t mean, however, that he won’t find ways around that confidentiality to drop hints for the people around him. He’s also not been completely honest with his daughter, as proven by the bloody prom dress he burned. Just what he’s being so sneaky about remains to be seen.

3 Bess Marvin: Hufflepuff

Bess Marvin In Nancy Drew Hufflepuff

Okay, so Bess’ last name might not actually be Marvin in this version of the story, but since she came to Horseshoe Bay with the intention of discovering whether she was really connected to the family or not, we think she should keep it. Bess, despite her constant attempts to keep people at arm’s length, is all about connection. She’s a Hufflepuff.

It’s Bess who often acts as a peacemaker between George and Nancy. Like Ace, she only wants to help. Her attempts at helping don’t always work out, but she tries her best. It’s clear she values Nancy, George, and Ace despite her hiding her past from all of them. Her need to know more about her family only speaks further to Bess’ desire to be a part of something.

2 George Fan: Gryffindor

George Fan In Nancy Drew Gryffindor

George’s snarky attitude and her propensity to keep her personal life private might make some fans think she leans toward Slytherin. The sorting hat wouldn’t even have to settle on George’s head before proclaiming her a Gryffindor though.

George went through high school as the subject of ridicule by her classmates and she held her head high. The experience only made her a more firm believer in women protecting other women. Even though she hasn’t had the best experiences with Nancy in the past, George is quick to band with her to investigate Tiffany’s death and help her out of dangerous situations. She’s brash, stubborn, and willing to put herself in the line of fire. That’s a solid Gryffindor.

1 Nancy Drew: Ravenclaw

Nancy Drew Ravenclaw

Yes, Nancy is brave, loyal, and cunning. She’s got traits of all of the Hogwarts houses in her. Nancy Drew is, however, a Ravenclaw at heart. 

She can’t leave a good mystery alone. If Nancy’s only given one piece of information, she immediately seeks out the rest of it. She can’t let anything go, but has to know everything to put together all of the pieces of a puzzle. Nancy Drew is the epitome of “knowledge is power.” If that doesn’t scream Ravenclaw, what does?

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