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Nancy Drew Cast

The CW's Nancy Drew cast has some familiar faces from other TV shows (and other CW/WB shows as well) who are leading the new series out the gate. Nancy Drew is one of America's most famous fictional detectives, created by Edward Stratemeyer as the female counterpart to the Hardy Boys. She's best known as the star of a popular series of novels, ghostwritten by multiple authors but published under the pseudonym "Carolyn Keene".

Nancy Drew is generally seen as a feminist icon, and she's had a massive cultural impact. There have been several adaptations for both the big and small screen, starring actresses such as Bonita Granville, Emma Roberts, and Dynasty star Pamela Sue Martin. The CW's Nancy Drew series is the latest version, and it blends detective fiction with supernatural mystery, with a dash of teen romance to boot.

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Nancy Drew is one of the most exciting new shows in the 2019-2020 season, and The CW hopes it will successfully give one of the United States' most important fictional feminist heroes a pseudo-edgy makeover. Here's your guide to Nancy Drew's cast and characters in season 1.

Kennedy McMann is Nancy Drew

Kennedy McMann Nancy Drew

The CW's version of Nancy Drew is an 18-year-old who built up a reputation as being something of a detective in the sleepy coastal town of Horseshoe Bay, Maine. She plans to head to college - but those goals are destined to be frustrated. Taking on the starring role is Kennedy McMann, an American actor and singer from Mesa, Arizona. She's best known for her work in Gone, alongside Chris Noth and Leven Rambin.

Tunji Kasim is Ned Nickerson

Tunji Kasim

Ned Leeds is Nancy Drew's traditional love interest, and The CW has race-swapped him for a more modern version. In Nancy Drew, Ned works at a garage now he's left school - and then becomes a murder suspect. Prior to joining Nancy Drew, Tunji Kasim biggest role was starring as Joe Bailey in Nearly Famous.

Leah Lewis is George Fayne

Leah Lewis

One of Nancy's closest friends, George Fayne is typically portrayed as a strong-willed, outspoken girl who has a tendency of getting into trouble. George was one of the books' most prominent feminist figures; by the '60s and '70s she was being portrayed as a martial arts expert who didn't need any men around to rescue her. She's played by Leah Lewis, who has had guest-starring roles on Charmed and Station 19.

Maddison Jaizani is Bess Marvin

Maddison Jaizani

Another of Nancy Drew's closest friends, Bess Marvin is very different to her cousin George; she's more feminine, easier to scare, and very much a flirt. Maddison Jaizani, who is known for her roles as Odessa on Into the Badlands and Sophie on Versailles, plays Bess in the series.

Alex Saxon is Ace

Alex Saxon

Ace is an entirely original character created for The CW's Nancy Drew series, someone who's an "amiable dropout". Alex Saxon is one of the more experienced members of the cast, known for his performances in The FixThe Fosters, and Finding Carter.

Scott Wolf is Carson Drew

Scott Wolf

Carson Drew is Nancy's father who's also an attorney that has drifted apart from his daughter in recent years.Scott Wolf plays Carson Drew in The CW's Nancy Drew series, which was a role that was originally intended for Freddie Prinze Jr. Wolf is best known for major parts in VPerception, and The Night Shift, and his voice will also be recognized by viewers familiar with Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Alvina August is Karen Hart

Alvina August

Another new addition to Nancy Drew lore, Karen Hart is a detective who's dating Nancy's father, Carson, who's wife had passed away. Karen Hart is played by Alvina August, who viewers may recognize from Siren and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Riley Smith is Ryan Hudson

Riley Smith

Ryan Hudson the husband of the murder victim in Nancy Drew season 1. He is played by Riley Smith, another experienced actor whose credits include 90210True BloodNashville, and Frequency.

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