Namor's New Look Is Perfect For a Marvel Movie

Marvel Comics is giving Namor a new look in Avengers #9, and the Sub-Mariner's latest redesign looks like it would fit perfectly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rumors have been swirling around the possibility of a Namor the Sub-Mariner film since the late 1990s. Namor was one of many characters' whose film rights were sold at a time when Marvel was struggling to stay afloat. Marvel was able to work out a deal with Sony to use Spider-Man, and may soon have their hands on the Fantastic Four and X-Men, due to the pending sale of 20th Century Fox's film and TV assets. However, the situation with Namor remains complicated.

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Marvel's October solicits reveals the cover of Avengers #9, the second part of a story that involves the underwater city of Atlantis. Featured on the cover, illustrated by David Marquez, is an all-new look for Marvel's oldest superhero. Namor is now sporting longer hair that covers up his widow peak, one of the character's most distinctive features, aside from his angle-wings. Namor is also dressed in leg, arm, and shoulder armor made out of black shells.

The design contrasts with Namor's standard look. The character typically wears a pair of green trunks and nothing more, though the character is occasionally given a temporary costume change. Most recently, Namor began wearing a full-body green costume after joining the roster of Jean Grey's team of mutants in X-Men: Red.

It remains to be seen if Namor's new look will stick. If so, there's a good chance this is the design fans will see if the Sub-Mariner ever comes to the MCU. Namor is a character who doesn't necessarily have a look that would translate well to the big screen, but this new design could change that, as it has a look that feels like it was tailor-made for the MCU. It gives the Avenging Son a more practical costume and a much more intimidating appearance.

Namor has yet to "come home" to Marvel, but an entry into the MCU seems like something that will happen at some point, whether it be in Phase 4 or later, considering that Namor is one of the last remaining major characters who has never appeared in live-action. Namor's rich history in the Marvel Universe could open the door for several possible roles, including as a protagonist of his own film or as the villain of Black Panther 2.

Avengers #9 goes on sale in October courtesy of Marvel Comics.

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