Nailed It! 10 Most Hilariously Bad Episodes

Nailed It

Nailed It! is a hilarious baking show that’s unlike any other. While many baking shows show the contestants making near perfect desserts over and over, Nailed It! shows viewers just how hard these kinds of creations really are. The contestants on this show aren’t good bakers but are just regular people. These people have to re-create popular Internet deserts often seen on places like Pinterest. From cupcakes to elaborate cakes to fondant-covered dinosaurs, this show tasks the contestants with doing their best to make these perfect deserts. A lot of hilarity ensues.

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With season three coming out earlier this month, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best and most hilarious episodes.

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In this episode, the contestants have a lot to worry about as they are baking in front of cake designer Sylvia Weinstock. In this first episode, the bakers have to decorate cake pops and then take on a wedding cake designed by Weinstock that has three tiers.

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As the first episode, it’s impossible not to include this one on the list. This episode also introduces us to the hilarious host Nicole Byer whose commentary and comedy are what truly makes the show so great.


In this episode from season one, the bakers have to complete desserts with a fantasy theme. They are tasked with first making doughnuts with pirate themes. The next part of this episode is what makes it truly iconic, however.

The poor bakers have to put together a tower cake that has a Rapunzel princess on the top. The creations the bakers come up with for this main challenge will make you laugh out loud. One of the princesses even looks a little possessed, which makes this challenge so hilarious.


One thing about Nailed It! is that it doesn’t pull any punches. They don’t just assign simple desserts that maybe your average person could put together at least with a little time and effort. Instead, they often give the contestants daunting tasks that even many extremely talented bakers couldn’t put together.

In this episode, the contestants have to make a tea cake that defies gravity. This cake looks like it’s being held up by barely anything, and the physics of putting this cake together is not easy. Watching the bakers try to put this together will make you laugh and cringe.

7 “BONUS: 3, 2, 1...YA NOT DONE!”

In a fan crossover event, Nailed It! did an episode with the men from Queer Eye. It was enjoyable to see all of the Fab Five together along with Nicole Byer. Seeing all of these big personalities play off of each other makes for a lot of fun.

Plus, it’s fun to see the Queer Eye men who are normally so put together on their show struggle with the baking challenges on this show.


One season of the series that’s a ton of fun to watch is the holiday season. This season has episodes for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah.

In the first episode of this season, the bakers have to come up with a cake pop nativity and then a complex cake featuring an upside-down Santa. This episode is a lot of fun, and it’s definitely perfect to watch during the winter months. If you're feeling festive any time of year, you’ll definitely want to watch this series.


This episode is from the newest season of the show. The contestants are tasked with coming up with baked goods that are based on iconic artists and their work. They first have to put together gingerbread self-portraits for their mini-challenge.

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Next, they are assigned a cake that is a replica of Michelangelo's David. Seeing the bakers struggle to come up with something so elaborate will make you laugh and maybe even stress you out a little.


For the holiday season, one of the most interesting and fun episodes is the Hanukkah one. It’s great to see Hanukkah included on a holiday season of a baking show, and the tasks the bakers are given are really funny.

They first have to make dreidels with unique, cute faces, and the results don’t turn out all that well. Next, they have to make an intricate cake with multiple tiers. The Hanukkah jokes and references also make this episode an enjoyable one.


Marvel is a huge franchise with a lot of fans. So, this episode is likely going to be your favorite if you love any and all things Marvel.

The contestants first have to make Marvel cupcakes and their final challenge is to make an elaborate and complex Black Panther cake. You’ll love all the Marvel jokes and seeing how hard it would really be to make your own Marvel-themed desserts.


In some episodes of Nailed It!, the contestants have to make things that aren’t really desserts. There is even an episode where they have to make crafts. This episode falls somewhere in the middle, however.

The contestants have to make an animal carved out of a watermelon, and this is just for the smaller challenge. Next, they have to create a cake that looks like a snake. This episode has two ridiculous and over-the-top challenges, and this episode will definitely make you laugh a lot. You’ll love the jokes between Nicole and Jacque Torres, too.


A volcano is one of the most popular science projects for elementary school kids everywhere, and this episode of the series tasks the bakers with creating a volcano made out of cake instead. Their cake needed to be able to bubble over for a special effect.

However, accomplishing that feat wasn't so simple. This is a cute episode that features science and dinosaurs, and the cake disaster will definitely make you laugh. This episode is also from the first season, which is overall still one of their strongest.

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