Nailed It!: 10 Best Guest Judges, Ranked

Guest judges make the already fun Nailed It! even better. Here are the show's best guest judges so far, ranked

We've all been there. We see a fun new baking project on sites like Pinterest and immediately think that we can recreate it ourselves. Then it comes out looking like a total disaster and we realize we should have left the baking to the professionals. That is exactly the premise behind Netflix's hit baking series, Nailed It!

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With comedic host, Nicole Byer and her trusty sidekick judge, pastry chef Jacques Torres, this show is heavy on the comedy and light on the skilled baking. Sometimes, the best part of the show are the guest judges who make the show even more hilarious with their reactions and jokes at the expense of the bakers. Here are the top 10 guest judges to ever appear on Nailed It!, ranked.

10 Waylynn Lucas — Season 2

Waylynn Lucas is a pastry chef known for her Fonuts Bakery in Southern California. She also is frequently on Food Network as a judge on shows like Cake Wars and Halloween Cake-Off. But this time, she headed to Netflix to guest judge on Nailed It! - a show that is a far cry from the talented bakers she's used to judging on other shows.

Seeing her priceless reactions to the concoctions these very amateur bakers created for her was beyond hysterical. She is a renowned pastry chef herself with many award-winning creations so we're sure that her witnessing these baking disasters was a whole new experience for her.

9 Natalie Sideserf — Season 3

Natalie Sideserf is an artist and celebrity chef known for her hyperrealistic cakes and incredible sculpting techniques. She was a guest judge on Nailed It! in the third season of the series and her tenure was one for the books.

The contestants had to recreate her horror-themed baked goodies like creepy-crawly bug cookies and a terrifying clown cake. Of course, the results -- like on most episodes of Nailed It! -- were disastrous. But made for some of the most comedic moments of the series. Especially with Natalie's gobsmacked reactions to the contestants' lackluster creations. She may be a great sculptor, but these bakers were not.

8 Justin Willman — Holiday! Season 1

The latest Nailed It! Holiday season is right around the corner, but in the first season, a featured guest judge was none other than Justin Willman. You may recognize him as the host of Cupcake Wars from back in the day, but he's also a famous magician and comedian.

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He brought his magic tricks and comedic talent to the table on this holiday episode where the bakers had to recreate a wintry ski cake form, of course. The results of this were a nightmare, to say the least, and Justin was there to make it even more entertaining. 

7 Ron Funches — Holiday! Season 1

In the same season of Nailed It! Holiday, comedian Ron Funches was a guest judge. The episode itself was bound to be hysterical when the main event had the bakers making a metallic robot cake with functioning lights in it. Needless to say, it seemed like an impossible feat for the not-so-talented bakers.

It was super fun to see them try to recreate this out-of-this-world cake. But Ron Funches only made the situation that much funnier with his quips and astounded reactions. He has been a comedian for a while and featured on many great television shows, but his appearance on Nailed It! Holiday is definitely one of the most memorable.

6 Zac Young — Season 1

Zac Young has been on Food Network countless times over recent years and is a famous pastry chef featured on shows like Unique Sweets and Halloween Baking Championship. He has a one-of-a-kind personality and makes every appearance on baking shows one we aren't soon to forget, and his guest judge stint on Nailed It! was no different.

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He couldn't contain his laughter when the bakers spectacularly failed at their challenges but still judged them as fairly as he possibly could. He was easily one of the best guest judges in Nailed It! history and we can only hope he comes back soon.

5 Rosanna Pansino — Season 3

Rosanna Pansino is a famous Youtuber known for her fantastic geeky and quirky edible creations. She has a unique and bubbly personality and even wore the cutest custom-made dessert heels during her guest judging on Nailed It!.

In Season 3, she was the judge during the bakers' neanderthal cupcakes and T-rex cake challenges. The bakers were having a lot of difficulties during this but Rosanna was there to cheer them on even as they were failing to the highest power. Her positive personality was infectious and we couldn't help but love her as a guest judge on this show. 

4 Antoni Porowski — Season 2 Bonus Episode

You should immediately recognize the name Antoni Porowski if you're a fan of the rebooted Queer Eye series on Netflix. He is the foodie of the group of guys, so naturally, when there was a bonus episode in Season 2 featuring the Queer Eye cast, he was dubbed the guest judge.

Seeing Antoni weigh in on his fellow Queer Eye castmates hilarious creations modeled after their own likenesses were equal parts hilarious and intriguing. Since this was a bonus episode, there was only one main challenge, and Antoni accurately and fairly judged his castmates until he ultimately crowned Bobby Berk as the winner.

3 Felicia Day — Season 3

Felicia Day is a well-known actress who is also incredibly geeky and proud of it. So it made perfect sense that she would be the guest judge in the season 3 premiere of Nailed It! Mostly because the challenges centered around Marvel characters and she knows absolutely everything about Marvel.

Her interactions with both the contestants and the other judges were amazing and honestly, hysterical. Especially when contestant Cia Hang kept eating his ingredients instead of baking them and Felicia took notice of his actions. She was still a gracious judge but couldn't hold back her laughter at Cia's antics.

2 Sylvia Weinstock — Season 1 & Holiday! Season 1

Sylvia Weinstock was a two-time Nailed It! judge, both on season 1 and the first season of Nailed It! Holiday. She is a famous baker cake decorator located in New York City.

She was the very first judge to ever be on Nailed It! and she quickly became a fan favorite amongst fans of the show. She was the sweetest older lady that everyone adored who also said whatever was on her mind. Between her extreme cake decorating talent and adorable personality, it's no wonder they welcomed her back with open arms in the Holiday! edition of Nailed it!.

1 Jason Mantzoukas — Holiday! Season 1

Jason Mantzoukas is an actor and comedian who has appeared on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The League, The Good Place and movies like Sleeping With Other People and The House. He is also hands down the best guest judge to ever be on any iteration of Nailed It! He was in the first season of Nailed It! Holiday and did an incredible job.

He was so funny that even the cameraman was cracking up and was in tears by the end of the episode. He was making the contestants laugh even as they were in a high-pressure situation which is no easy feat. Needless to say, we cannot wait to see him guest judge again in Nailed It! Holiday Season 2.

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