Mythical Pokémon Zeraora To Appear In Ultra Sun & Moon

A brand new Mythical Pokemon has been confirmed as appearing in the Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon video games for the 3DS. While the days of kids linking up Game Boys in the schoolyard may be a distant memory, the line of Pokemon RPGs for Nintendo's handheld output has continued without letup over the years, the most recent being the Sun and Moon generation. Of course, each Pokemon game release is eventually followed by updated versions of the same title and in June last year, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon hit shelves, featuring somewhat modified gameplay and story elements.

An ever-present part of the Pokemon series is the selection of Legendary and Mythical creatures on offer. While Legendary creatures such as Zapdos, Suicune and Lugia are often found in-game and used to differentiate between versions, Mythical Pokemon are rarer monsters that are usually linked to exclusive or one-off events. The first, and most famous, was Mew, who was distributed via fan events and promotional codes and would later appear in the first Pokemon movie. Further examples of Mythical Pokemon include Celebi, Deoxys and Victini.

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The latest addition to that elite list has now been confirmed via the official Pokemon Twitter account as Zeraora. A short promotional video reveals that this new addition to the ever-expanding Pokedex is an Electric-type and is described as a 'Thunderclap Pokemon.' Zeraora will appear in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon but is announced as "coming soon" with exact details of how and when the new monster will appear yet to be revealed. Zeraora will also make an appearance in the forthcoming animated Pokemon movie, Everyone's Story, and can be briefly glimpsed in the film's trailer.

Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon Zeraora Official Art

The existence of Zeraora has been an open secret in Ultra Sun and Moon after data miners found the creature hidden away last year and many have been simply waiting for the official announcement. Since the creation of Zeraora seems to be linked with the next Poke-movie, it seems safe to assume that this new monster will act as a source of cross-promotion between the franchise's video game and big screen output, helping market the new release to fans of the games. Even if Zeraora is merely a marketing ploy however, the new addition certainly has a striking and stylish design, resembling a bi-pedal cat and sporting trademark electric-type spikes and yellow fur, not too far away from a cross between Lucario and Manectric.

The addition of a new Mythical Pokemon follows the previous announcement that the original myth, Mew, would finally be introduced to the mobile-based Pokemon Go! game after nearly two years. The app now features a mission-based element that allows trainers to research and hunt the elusive pink Pokemon. While the timing of these two announcements may be a coincidence, it's possible that the Pokemon franchise is looking to make better use of its rarest creatures in order to drum up excitement among fans. It remains to be seen as to whether this tactic is super-effective or as useful as a Magikarp's Splash.

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Source: Pokemon (via Twitter)

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