Discovery Unveils Trailer For 'MythBusters' 'Simpsons' Special

Take a peak at tonight's 'MythBusters' 'Simpsons' special on Discovery. Plus, we have new details on the upcoming season.

Mythbusters on Simpsons

With the latest season premiere set for tonight, Discovery has unveiled a new trailer for the latest episode of MythBustersthat’s going to leave many Simpsons fans very pleased.

In addition to the testing of two classic myths from the animated series, the latest season of MythBusters is going to feature an all new look and style, as was discussed during this year’s winter TCA conference.

At their panel, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman explained that the departure of build team members Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara left the series open for a revamp by allowing the production team to show more of the nuts and bolts building and discovery that goes on when the team is testing a given story.

However, in addition to including more of the mistakes and challenges, the series is also going to feature a new set of pop-up graphics that will convey more of the hard science that goes into what the gang’s doing at a given moment.

Mythbusters on Simpsons

Despite the massive changes in style that have gone on for the most available cable network in the nation, MythBusters has managed to remain mostly its own thing over the years. In fact, the revamp's new opening titles will be the first major change for the show since the debut of the three now departed co-hosts in season 2. However, this leads us to wonder why Discovery is trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

The inclusion of more of the hard science makes sense, but the revamp in look and tone (based on the new “things get serious” opening) does leave one to wonder how much has changed between seasons.

That said, the new trailer for the Simpsons special does paint a picture that this is still the same series that managed to earn itself a non-stop holiday marathon on Science that ran from Christmas Eve to January 2nd this past holiday season – though the ratings of that special remain a mystery.

MythBusters premieres tonight at @9pm on Discovery.

Source: Discovery

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