First Look: MythBusters Fall Premiere

This Wednesday, October 7th at 9PM, will mark the return of (arguably) one of the best programs on television, MythBusters, and in typical MythBuster fashion, they kick it all off with superhuman punching robots, bullets, pneumatic triggers, explosives and... socks?

In the fall premiere, Adam (Savage) and Jamie (Hyneman) take on the classic theory, "If one bullet is fired and the other is dropped simultaneously from the same height, which will hit the ground first?"

Once again, Adam and Jamie attempt to take on a myth that's so intricate and complex that is has never been attempted before. Until now, that is. With pneumatic triggers, precise measurements and calculating time down to the milliseconds, Adam and Jamie have their hands full with this one - Especially when they have to redesign their "rig" (That's MythBusters talk... if you don't know, you just don't know) in the last moments of their final tests.

The wonderful folks at Discovery provided us with some clips from the fall premiere so you can see the awesomeness that I'm talking about.



While Adam and Jamie work on their myth, Tory (Belleci), Kari (Byron) and Grant (Imahara) tackle the classic saying, "Can you really knock someone out of their socks?"

Knocking someone out of their socks sounded much easier before you see the team undertake this myth. With Grant retro-fitting his Grappling Hook cannon from the "Superhero Hour" episode into a super-human punching machine to the team creating the "Pendulum of Destruction" with Buster, and his socks, in their sites, Tory Grant and Kari will stop it nothing to test the validity of this myth.

Check out the video below to for a sneak peak at Grant's punching cannon.


While I don't want to give away their findings, I will tell you that they use 500lbs of explosives in their final "experiment." (In comparison, they used 800lbs of explosives when they eviscerated the cement truck.)

What? You don't believe me when tell you they used 500lbs of explosives to try and knock socks off? Well, my friend, you don't know MythBusters. Check out the video evidence below.


Want to know what wonderful myths we'll be seeing the team undertake next week? Next week's episode is all about our favorite household item. No, not the can opener. (Really? A can opener? How many can opener myths can you think of? I'm just going to shake my head at you readers.) Something less opener-ish and more duct-ish.

Does duct tape really have the strength and sticking power to lift a 5,000-lb. car into the air?  Can you build a sailboat made entirely from the stuff?  Or a working cannon?

From what I've heard, we're going to be really impressed and surprised with what all can be done with duct tape. Now, check some of the myths we have to look forward to as the season continues.

  • Does a muddy car get better mileage than its clean cousin?
  • Will mixing your drinks really make your hangover worse than if you stick to one type of alcohol?
  • If a car drives over a cliff, would it really explode in a fireball upon hitting the ground below, as in nearly every action movie with a car chase scene?
  • The team also tackles fan favorites from previous seasons, including testing whether a hot water heater can explode through your roof (this time, from the basement), and whether you can shoot a gun around corners.  Also, the team finds a new, bigger way to test the famous snowplow split.

Don't forget the upcoming episode featuring the infamous Star Trek Gorn cannon we've been hearing about from Grant's Twitter. (@grantimahara)

While you're in the mood for making up your Discovery viewing schedule, don't forget that the 5th season of Dirty Jobs starts tonight at 9PM with Mike Rowe taking on mattress recycling and excavating derelict boats.

So many myths and so little time. MythBusters has to be one of my favorite shows on television. While other programs show story-lines go up and down and become so drawn own (cough - Lost - cough), MythBusters is one of the only shows that I can rely on to consistently deliver a wonderful, entertaining and educational viewing experience. While I've already see the premiere episode, you better believe that I'm still going to be tuning in so that I can see all these great myths again, in HD.

What's your favorite myth? I can't pick just one, but my two favorite are "Escape From Alcatraz" and "Lead Balloon." That's even more proof of how consistently great MythBusters has been since Alcatraz is from the first season (2003) and "Lead Ballon" is from the fifth (2008).

Now, I'm going to ask this, but there's really only one answer (hint: yes); Will you be tuning in for this? (hint: yes) If not, tell my why so that I can cry and you'll feel so horrible about making me cry (it's quite an adorable, yet extremely sad sight) that you'll watch just to make me stop.

Either way... it counts.

Source: Discovery

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