Mythbusters Co-Host Jessi Combs’ Boyfriend Opens Up About Her Tragic Death

Jessi Combs in Mythbusters

MythBusters' co-host Jessi Combs’ boyfriend, Terry Madden, opened up about her tragic death and his sudden loss of the love of his life.

MythBusters aims to use the scientific method to debunk rumors, myths, and movie scenes, often testing their validity. Combs starred on the show for 12 episodes back in 2009 before its cancellation in 2016.  On August 27, the Harney County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of a jet car crash in the Alvord Desert located in southeastern Oregon. Sadly, Combs was pronounced dead at the scene and the cause of the car crash is still unknown. The MythBusters co-host broke 398 mph in the same North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger in 2013, which gave her the title of the fastest woman on four wheels.

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Comb’s boyfriend, Terry Madden, who was the one to find Comb’s after the fatal crash had started to open up and share his loss with the shows fans by posting some of his favorite memories of them together on social media. People reported that on Instagram he dived into her death by saying he was not sure how to cope with the loss because he missed her so much already. He then shared a black and white photo of the two dressed up as mimes in Las Vegas for Halloween last year. He captioned the cute photo saying the two had more fun together than he knew was possible. He explained to followers that the two had made a bet before leaving their hotel on who would speak first, the couple held out for five hours, even acting out their hotel destination to a confused cabby.

On Madden’s Instagram story, he admitted that he was trying his best to stay positive, but at times found himself struggling. He continued to say that he couldn’t say it was a good morning, but he had gotten himself out of bed and watched the sunrise, just like Combs used to enjoy doing. Fans of MythBusters have been helping Madden cope by sharing positive comments on his account to urge him to live his life to the fullest.

Combs was known for her mile-wide smile and her constant endeavor to fulfill her dreams. Comb’s family is working on starting a foundation in her name that will continue to empower the young girls and women who saw her as a role model, teaching them that they too can follow their dreams. In the end, Combs died doing what she loved, trying to break a land speed record in Oregon and becoming the fastest woman on Earth - a dream she held since 2012.

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Source: People, Terry Madden

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