SR Pick: MythBusters Takes On the Breaking Bad Finale

The MythBusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, have taken on some pretty fantastical television and movie myths in the past, everything from Star Wars and Zombies to Breaking Bad.

A clip has now been officially released online, taken from Savage and Hyneman's July 18th, 2015 MythBusters episode, where they take on one last Breaking Bad myth and put it to the test.  The boys are testing the trunk-mounted remote-control machine gun that Walter White utilizes in the series finale - and the results are (what else?) pretty entertaining?

The Breaking Bad finale scene examined here is that moment when Walter White (Bryan Cranston) crafted a M60 machine gun automaton to emerge from the trunk of his flashy red car when he hits the button on his key fob. The gun, rotating back and forth, fires through the walls of a building where Walt is being held and kills nearly a whole room full of the menacing Uncle Jack and his goons. Walter, meanwhile, lies safely on the floor sheltering Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from the falling debris.

In the seventh episode of this season Adam and Jamie test "Walt's Booby Trap Finale". The MythBusters bring out the big guns, so to speak, and bring Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan along to test out their real-life trunk-mounted remote control machine gun. The guys pop the trunk open to give Vince a look and the big reveal blows Gilligan away, who responds "That is the real deal, this is completely awesome!"

Obviously gratified that his imagined action scene is being brought to life, Gilligan sits back with the MythBusters and watches gleefully as the gun blows several rounds through a makeshift building and the cutout bad guys propped-up behind it. The bullets spray through the middle of the building, all the way up to about seven feet off the ground. The wooden cut-out massacre is complete and the myth is labeled as plausible.

Mythbusters take on the Breaking Bad finale

The MythBusters first took on two myths from the first season of Breaking Bad back in 2013.  The guys examined whether a concentrated level of hydrofluoric acid could eat through a human corpse and the bathtub that it's resting in. (In the show this happened by accident.) The second myth that the MythBusters tackled was whether a small amount of mercury fulminate can explode when thrown on the ground and blow out the windows in a room, leaving the thrower unharmed by the blast. This was another iconic scene in Walter White's evolution in Breaking Bad, as he was just beginning to climb his way closer to the top of the drug dealing food chain. The myths were both busted, explained away as pure special effects magic.

One out of three isn't too bad, though, especially given the 'out there' nature of the Breaking Bad scenarios being examined here. The idea of the remote-control rotating machine gun may have seemed dangerous and unreliable, but the MythBusters have proven that it can definitely get the job done in a pinch!

MythBusters airs on the Discovery Channel on Saturdays 9/8 central time.

Source: The Discovery Channel

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